The Six Wives of Henry VIII Timeline

Six wives of Henry VIIIThis timeline details the key dates and events relating to the Six Wives of Henry VIII 1485 – 1548

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16th December 1485
A daughter, Catalina, was born to Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castille, the monarchs of Spain. She was known as Catherine of Aragon.
19th or 20th September 1486
A son, Arthur Tudor, was born to King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York at St Swithun’s Priory.
27th March 1489
The Treaty of Medina el Campo between England and Spain provided for the marriage of Catherine of Aragon and Prince Arthur.
28th June 1491
Henry Tudor, was born to Henry VII and Elizabeth of York at Greenwich Palace, London
circa 1501
Anne Boleyn was born. She was the second daughter to Thomas and Elizabeth Boleyn.
14th November 1501
Catherine of Aragon married Prince Arthur at St Paul’s Cathedral. After the wedding celebrations the couple made their home at Ludlow Castle.
2nd April 1502
Prince Arthur died of an unknown illness at Ludlow Castle leaving Catherine of Aragon a widow.
23rd June 1503
King Henry VII did not want to lose the treaty with Spain or repay the first part of Catherine of Aragon’s dowry. So Prince Henry, aged 12 years was betrothed to Catherine. 
27th June 1505
By 1505 the political situation had changed and a match with Spain was no longer a good prospect. King Henry VII forced Prince Henry to publicly repudiate his betrothal to Catherine of Aragon.
1508 or 1509
A daughter, Jane, was born to John Seymour and his wife Margery Wentworth at Wulfhall, Wiltshire.
21st April 1509
King Henry VII died of tuberculosis at Richmond Palace. He was succeeded by his son, Henry who took the throne as King Henry VIII.
First Wife
11th June 1509
Henry VIII married his brother’s widow, Catherine of Aragon at the Church of Observant Friars.
1st January 1511
A son, Henry, was born to Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon at Richmond Palace.
22nd February 1511
Henry and Catherine’s son, Prince Henry died.
circa 1512
Katherine Parr was born to Maud and Sir Thomas Parr.
22nd September 1515
Anne of Cleves, was born to Maria and John Duke of Cleves at Dusseldorf in Germany.
18th February 1516
A daughter, Mary, was born to Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon at Greenwich Palace.
15th June 1519
Henry VIII’s mistress, Elizabeth (Bessie) Blount gave birth to a son, Henry Fitzroy. This proved to Henry that he was able to father a son and that his lack of male heir was the fault of Catherine of Aragon.
March 1522
Anne Boleyn joined the court of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. She had recently returned from the French court and her French style of dress and mannerisms made her stand out at court.
circa 1525
Kathryn Howard was born to Jocasta and Edmund Howard. She was the niece of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk and cousin to Anne Boleyn.
18th June 1525
Henry’s illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy, was created Duke of Richmond.
February 1526
Henry VIII began to pursue Anne Boleyn as a love interest, but she refused to become his mistress.
Spring 1527
Henry began to have serious doubts about the validity of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon sparking what became known as the Divorce Crisis.
17th and 31st May 1527
An ecclesiastical court was convened at Westminster to hear Henry VIII’s concerns regarding his marriage and to consider whether it should be annulled. The court concluded that they were not qualified to judge the case and that it should be referred to Rome.
22nd June 1527
Henry VIII separated from Catherine of Aragon.
September 1527
Henry VIII wrote to the Pope requesting an annulment of his marriage. The Pope sent Cardinal Campeggio to hear the case.
21st June 1529
Henry and Catherine of Aragon appeared before Campeggio’s legatine court. Catherine stated that she did not recognise the court and insisted that her marriage to Henry was valid and true. After listening to all the evidence Campeggio declared he could not pass verdict on the marriage and that it should be referred to Rome.
May 1531
Members of the King’s council unsuccessfully tried to persuade Catherine of Aragon to enter a convent. This was desired since it would leave Henry free to re-marry and have a son and heir to continue the Tudors.
14th July 1531
Henry sent Catherine of Aragon away from court. He also refused her permission to see her daughter, Mary unless she would agree to a divorce or enter a convent.
15th May 1532
Thomas More and Bishop Fisher refused to sign the Submission of the Clergy which effectively made Henry head of the Church in England.
15th November 1532
Pope Clement VII told Henry VIII that unless he returned to his lawful wife he would be excommunicated.
Second Wife
25th January 1533
Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn, who was pregnant with Henry’s child, in the private chapel in Whitehall Palace.
1st June 1533
Anne Boleyn was crowned Queen of England.
11th July 1533
Pope Clement VII excommunicated Henry and his council.
7th September 1533
A daughter, Elizabeth Tudor, was born to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn at Greenwich Palace, London. Henry was very disappointed that the child was a girl since he had been convinced that the child would be the son he so desired.
25th November 1533
Henry VIII’s illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy, married Mary Howard, daughter of the Duke of Norfolk.
23rd March 1534
The Act of Succession settled the succession on the children of Henry and Anne Boleyn. There was also a requirement for all of the king’s subjects to swear an oath to uphold the act.
July 1534
Anne Boleyn was delivered of a stillborn baby.
3rd November 1534
The Act of Supremacy declared that Henry VIII was Head of the Church in England. The reigning monarch has held the title ever since.
22nd June 1535
Bishop John Fisher was beheaded on Tower Hill for refusing to sign the Act of Succession and accept Henry VIII as Supreme Head of the Church in England.
June 1535
Anne Boleyn suffered another miscarriage.
6th July 1535
Sir Thomas More was executed by beheading for refusing to sign the Act of Succession and accept Henry VIII as the Supreme Head of the Church in England.
November 1535
Henry VIII began pursuing Jane Seymour as a love interest.
An Act of Union joined England and Wales and made Henry VIII King of both.
7th January 1536
Catherine of Aragon died. At the time it was widely believed that she had been poisoned by Anne Boleyn. It is now thought that she died of cancer.
24th January 1536
King Henry VIII suffered a fall during a joust that left him unconscious for two hours.
2nd May 1536
Anne Boleyn was arrested on a charge of treason for having committed adultery with four men, Henry Norris, Francis Weston, William Brereton and Mark Smeaton; and committing incest with her brother George Boleyn.
19th May 1536
Anne Boleyn was executed by beheading for treason on Tower Green.
Third Wife
30th May 1536
Henry VIII married Jane Seymour at Whitehall Palace, London.
June 1536
A new Succession Act stated that the children of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour would succeed ahead of Henry’s other children. Like her half-sister, Mary, Princess Elizabeth was now declared illegitimate and given the title Lady Elizabeth.
22nd July 1536
Henry’s illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy, died of tuberculosis.
12th October 1537
A son, Edward, was born to Henry VIII and Jane Seymour at Hampton Court Palace. Henry was overjoyed that he had a son to continue the dynasty of the Tudors.
24th October 1537
Jane Seymour died from puerperal fever.
4th October 1539
A treaty of marriage, arranged by Thomas Cromwell, agreed the betrothal of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves.
Fourth Wife
6th January 1540
Despite the fact that he did not like his bride, Henry VIII married Anne of Cleves at Greenwich Palace. He had instructed Thomas Cromwell to find a loophole in the treaty to prevent it going ahead, but there was none and Henry could not risk upsetting the German Duke.
April 1540
Henry VIII began pursuing Kathryn Howard as a love interest.
10th June 1540
Thomas Cromwell was charged with high treason.
9th July 1540
The marriage of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves was annulled. As a gift for agreeing to the annulment of the marriage, Anne was given properties including Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, a pension for life and was made an honorary sister to the King.
Fifth Wife
28th July 1540
Henry VIII married Kathryn Howard at Oatlands Palace. He was very happy with his young bride and showered her with gifts.
27th August 1541
Kathryn Howard appointed her former lover Francis Dereham as her private secretary. She also became close to Thomas Culpeper.
12th November 1541
Kathryn Howard was arrested and charged with treason for committing adultery with Francis Dereham and Thomas Culpeper.
13th February 1542
Kathryn Howard was executed by beheading for treason.
Sixth Wife
12th July 1543
Henry VIII married Katherine Parr at Hampton Court Palace. Katherine was recently widowed and had hoped to marry Thomas Seymour, brother of Jane Seymour, but she could not refuse the king.
7th February 1544
A new Succession Act settled the succession on the children of Henry VIII – Edward, Mary and Elizabeth.
28th January 1547
King Henry VIII died at Whitehall Palace. He was succeeded by his son, Edward who became King Edward VI of England, Ireland and Wales.
4th May 1547
Katherine Parr secretly married Edward VI’s uncle, Sir Thomas Seymour.
5th September 1548
Katherine Parr died 6 days after giving birth to a daughter, Mary Seymour.


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