Maud Parr nee Green Timeline 1492-1531

Maud Parr also known as Maud Green

Born – 6th April 1492
Died – 1st December 1531
Father – Thomas Green (1461 – 1506)
Mother – Joan/Jane Fogge (d. 1494)
Spouse – m. 1508 – Thomas Parr (c1476 – 1517)
Children Katherine (1512 – 1548), William (1513 – 1571), Anne (1515 – 1552)


1492 (6th April)
Maud Parr was born Maud Green to Sir Thomas Green of Broughton and Green’s Norton and Joan/Jane Fogge in Northamptonshire.
1494 (during)
Maud’s mother died.
1497 (around)
Maud began her education. She was educated at home and taught reading, writing, needlework and other subjects that would equip her to be the wife of a nobleman. She learned French and was fluent in the language.
1506 (9th November)
Maud’s father, Thomas Green, died. She was the sole heiress to her father’s lands and money but she was under age.
1507 (during)
Maud Green became the ward of Thomas Parr.
1508 (during)
Maud married Thomas Parr.
1509 (around)
A son was born to Maud and Thomas Parr but he died soon after birth.
1509 (during)
Maud Parr’s husband, Thomas, was knighted.
1509 (during)
Maud’s husband was appointed Sheriff of Northamptonshire.
1509 (June)
Maud, was appointed Lady in Waiting to Catherine of Aragon.
1510 (during)
Maud’s husband was appointed Sheriff of Lincolnshire.
1512 (during)
Maud’s husband Thomas inherited half of the FitzHugh estate when his cousin, Lord FitzHugh died. This made him very wealthy.
1512 (during)
A daughter, Katherine, was born to Maud and Thomas.
1513 (14th August)
A son, William, was born to Maud and Thomas.
1515 (15th June)
A daughter, Anne, was born to Maud and Thomas.
1516 (during)
Maud’s husband was one of the nobles sent to escort Henry VIII‘s sister, Margaret Tudor, from Scotland to London.
1517 (11th November)
Maud’s husband, Thomas Parr, died during an outbreak of the plague.
1518 (onwards)
Maud took the decision not to remarry because she wanted to pass her husband’s wealth on to her children. She spent her time at court as Lady in waiting to Catherine of Aragon and supervising the education of her children. She determined to arrange good marriages for her children.
1527 (9th February)
Maud’s son, William, married Anne Bourchier.
1529 (during)
Maud’s daughter, Katherine, married Sir Edward Burgh. They lived at Gainsborough Old Hall with Edward’s family.
1530 (during)
Maud visited her daughter, Katherine at Gainsborough Hall.
1531 (1st December)
Maud Parr died. She was buried in St Ann’s Church, London.</div


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