About Us


TheTimelineGeek was originally founded under the title of Totally Timelines, which was owned, produced and written by Heather Y Wheeler BA (Hons). The site was sold and rebranded on the 14th November 2022.

Out of respect for the previous author, Heather’s name will remain on all timelines written by her. The site has managed to maintain a healthy number of visitors, with monthly visitors ranging from 30,000 up to around 150,000.


TheTimelineGeek is a subsidiary of “The Geek” family, with TheReviewGeek founded and incepted by Greg Wheeler back in 2017, covering much of the entertainment world.

On the 14th November 2022, Greg Wheeler bought and acquired all rights to Totally Timelines, rebranding the site, changing the design, layout and overall feel to be more in line with TheReviewGeek.

Going forward, we aim to become the number 1 source for all things timeline-related, with topics ranging from science and nature through to history and current affairs. We welcome all comments and suggestions for further improvements, and are committed to building a thriving, passionate community.

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