Edmund Howard Timeline 1478-1539

Edmund HowardBorn – c 1478
Died – 19th March 1539
Father – Thomas Howard Earl of Surrey (1443 – 1524)
Mother – Elizabeth Tilney (c 1445 – 1497)
Spouse – m. c1515 – Jocasta Culpeper (1480 – 1528)
Children – Margaret (1515 – 1572), Henry (b. 1517), Charles (b. 1519), Kathryn (c 1521 – 1542),  Mary (b. 1523), George (1525 – 1580)

1478 (around)
Edmund Howard was born to Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey and Elizabeth Tilney. He had two elder brothers, Thomas and Edward. He also had four younger brothers, John, Henry, Charles and Henry but details of their lives are not known.
1480 (around)
Edmund’s sister, Elizabeth was born to Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk and Elizabeth Tilney. Edmund also had another younger sister, Muriel, but her date of birth is not known.
1485 (22nd August)
Battle of Bosworth Field
Edmund’s father and grandfather fought for King Richard III in this battle against Henry Tudor. King Richard was killed during the battle and Henry Tudor was proclaimed King of England. Edmund’s grandfather, John Howard had also been killed during the battle.
1485 (22nd August)
Edmund’s father, Thomas became 2nd Duke of Norfolk on the death of John Howard at the Battle of Bosworth Field.
1485 (late August)
The Howard family were stripped of their titles for their allegiance to King Richard III.
1489 (May)
King Henry VII restored Edmund’s father to the earldom of Surrey.
1497 (4th April)
Edmund Howard’s mother, Elizabeth, died.
1497 (8th November)
Edmund Howard’s father married Agnes Tilney who was cousin to Edmund’s mother.
1509 (21st April)
King Henry VII died of tuberculosis at Richmond Palace. He was succeeded by his son, Henry who took the throne as King Henry VIII.
1509 (late June)
Edmund Howard took part in the jousts that were held to celebrate the coronation of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.
1510 (around)
Edmund’s half-brother, William Howard, was born to Thomas Howard and Agnes Tilney.
1511 (during)
Edmund’s half-brother, Thomas Howard, was born to Thomas Howard and Agnes Tilney.
1511 (after)
Edmund’s half-brother, Richard and half-sisters Dorothy, Anne, Catherine and Elizabeth were born to Thomas Howard and Agnes Tilney after 1511. The exact dates of their births are not known.
1513 (9th September)
Battle of Flodden Field
Edmund took part in this battle that saw the Scottish army defeated and King James IV of Scotland killed.
1515 (around)
Edmund married Jocasta (Joyce) Culpeper, widow of Ralph Leigh by whom she had five children John, Ralph, Isabel, Joyce and Margaret.
1515 (around)
A daughter, Margaret, was born to Edmund and Jocasta Culpeper.
1517 (around)
A son, Henry, was born to Edmund and Jocasta Culpeper.
1519 (around)
A son, Charles, was born to Edmund and Jocasta Culpeper.
1520 (8th – 26th June)
The Field of the Cloth of Gold
Edmund Howard was one of the courtiers that accompanied King Henry VIII to this summit meeting with Francis I of France. He took part in the tournaments that featured during the two-week meeting.
1521 (around)
A daughter, Kathryn, was born to Edmund Howard and Jocasta Culpeper.
1523 (around)
A daughter, Mary, was born to Edmund and Jocasta Culpeper.
1525 (around)
A son, George, was born to Edmund and Jocasta Culpeper.
1528 (around)
Edmund’s wife, Jocasta, died.
1528 (around)
Edmund’s daughter, Kathryn, was sent to the household of her grandmother, Agnes Howard, Dowager Duchess of Norfolk. She shared a dormitory with other girls who were wards of the Duchess at Lambeth Palace. She was taught reading, writing and music and dancing.
1529 (around)
Edmund married Dorothy Troyes, widow of Sir William Uvedale.
1530 (May)
Edmund’s second wife, Dorothy Troyes, died
1531 (during)
Edmund Howard was appointed Controller of Calais. It is believed that his niece, Anne Boleyn, helped secure the position.
1533 (25th January)
Edmund’s niece, Anne Boleyn, secretly married Henry VIII at Whitehall because she was pregnant.
1533 (7th September)
A daughter, Elizabeth, was born to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.
1535 (around)
Edmund Howard married Margaret Munday, widow of Nicholas Jennings.
1536 (19th May)
Edmund’s niece, Anne Boleyn, was executed for treason.
1536 (30th May)
Henry VIII married Jane Seymour.
1537 (12th October)
A son, Edward, was born to Henry VIII and Jane Seymour.
1537 (24th October)
Jane Seymour died from puerperal fever.
1539 (19th March)
Edmund Howard died.


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