Mary Howard Duchess of Richmond Timeline 1519-1557

Mary Howard

Born – during 1519
Died – 7th December 1557
Father – Thomas Howard 3rd Duke of Norfolk (1473 – 1554)
Mother – Elizabeth Stafford (1497 – 1558)
Spouse – Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond (1519 – 1536)
Children – No children


1519 (during)
Mary Howard was born the daughter of Thomas Howard Duke of Norfolk and Elizabeth Stafford. She was the couple’s third child, her brother Henry had been born in 1517.
1520 (during)
Mary’s brother, Thomas was born to Thomas Howard Duke of Norfolk and Elizabeth Stafford.
1521 (17th May)
Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, Mary’s grandfather, was executed for treason.
1529 (17th October)
Thomas Wolsey was dismissed for failing to obtain a divorce for King Henry VIII. Mary’s father Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk took over the control of King Henry’s illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy.
1530 (around)
It was suggested, possibly by Mary’s cousin, Anne Boleyn, that Mary should marry Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond.
1533 (10th September)
Mary attended the christening of Princess Elizabeth, daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.
1533 (26th November)
Mary Howard married Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond, illegitimate son of King Henry VIII at Hampton Court. The couple were not allowed to live together because King Henry feared that too much sexual activity at a young age could cause his son’s death.
1536 (30th May)
King Henry VIII, married Jane Seymour. Mary and Henry Fitzroy attended the wedding.
1536 (early July)
Henry Fitzroy was taken ill with chest pains and a cough.
1536 (23rd July)
Mary’s husband Henry Fitzroy died at St James’s Palace, London. It is thought he died either of tuberculosis or of sweating sickness.
1536 (after July)
Mary Howard remained at court and became friends with Margaret Douglas and Mary Shelton. King Henry tried to avoid supporting her, stating that because her marriage to Henry Fitzroy had not been consummated it was not legal.
1538 (during)
It was suggested that Mary be married to Thomas Seymour, brother of the late Jane Seymour. However, Mary did not want to marry Seymour and her brother, Henry, Earl of Surrey objected to the match and it was abandoned.
1539 (late)
Mary Howard, Duchess of Richmond and Margaret Douglas were chosen to become members of Anne of Cleves’ household.
1540 (28th July)
Having divorced Anne of Cleves, King Henry VIII married Mary’s cousin Kathryn Howard at Oatlands Palace.
1540 (late July)
Mary was appointed a member of Kathryn Howard’s household.
1541 (November)
Mary Howard returned to Kenninghall after Kathryn Howard was arrested and her household disbanded.
1546 (during)
It was again proposed that Mary marry Thomas Seymour, brother of the late Jane Seymour. This time Mary did not object to the proposal but once again, Mary’s brother, Henry, Earl of Surrey objected to the match and it was abandoned.
1546 (12th December)
Mary’s father, Thomas Howard Duke of Norfolk and her brother, Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, were arrested. They were charged with treason because Henry Howard had used the arms of Edward the Confessor in his own coat of arms. Thomas Howard was charged with concealing the act.
1547 (19th January)
Mary Howard’s brother, Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey was executed by beheading.
1547 (late January)
Mary Howard was given custody of her brother’s children. They resided at Reigate Castle, Reigate.
1547 (28th January)
King Henry VIII died. He was succeeded by his son, Edward as King Edward VI.
1547 (28th January)
Mary’s father, Thomas Howard, had been due to be executed on this day. However, as was the custom when a new King took the throne, all prisoners were pardoned or had their sentences commuted. Thomas Howard’s sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.
1553 (19th July)
Mary Tudor, was proclaimed Queen. She vowed to restore Catholicism to England. As a Protestant, Mary Howard kept a low profile and stayed away from court.
1554 (25th August)
Mary’s father, Thomas Howard, died at Kenninghall, Suffolk.
1557 (7th December)
Mary Howard, Duchess of Richmond, died.


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