Kings of East Anglia Timeline 560-918

Kings of East Anglia - Anglo Saxon England

This timeline details all Kings of East Anglia from 560 to 918

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Wehha c.560 – c570
Lineage unknown
Wehha was a ruler of East Anglia but there is some confusion as to whether he ruled just the north or the south of the county or whether he began the process of uniting the tribes.
Wuffa c.570 – c.578
Son of Wehha
Wuffa is credited with being the first King of all of East Anglia having united the north and the south. He and his descendants are known as the Wuffingas dynasty.
Tytila c.578 – c.599
Son of Wehha
No details of Tytila’s reign are recorded.
Son of Tytila
Raedwald was the first Christian king of East Anglia. It is believed that Gipeswic (Ipswich) may have become the capital of East Anglia during Raedwald’s reign. He sought to enlarge East Anglia and took land from Mercia. Raedwald gave refuge to Edwin of Northumbria when he was deposed and then helped him to regain his throne. Raedwald is listed as a great king by the sources and it is believed he is the king that was buried at the burial mound discovered at Sutton Hoo in 1939.
Eorpwald c.624 – c.627
Son of Raedwald
Like his father, Eorpwald embraced Christianity. He was murdered by hs brother Ricberht who was a pagan.
Ricberht c.627 – c.629
Son of Raedwald
He became king after murdering his brother King Eorpwald. Penda of Mercia began taking back land taken by Raedwald.
Sigeberht c.629 – c634
Son of Raedwald
Ruled after the death of his brother Ricberht. He ruled the kingdom jointly with Ecgric, who was his brother or nephew. Sigeberht was a Christian and restored the religion to East Anglia. Around 634 he abdicated to enter a monastery leaving Ecgric as sole king. In 636 he joined Ecgric in battle against Penda of Mercia and was killed.
Ecgric c.629 – c636
Son of Eni (Raedwald’s brother) or a grandson of Raedwald
Ruled the kingdom jointly with Sigeberht, who was his brother or uncle. After Sigeberht abdicated to enter a monastery, Ecgric became sole king. In 636 he was killed in battle against Penda of Mercia.
Anna c.636 – 654
Son of Eni (Raedwald’s brother)
Married Saewara
Became king after the deaths of Sigeberht and Ecgric in battle against Mercia. He gave refuge to King Cenwalh of Wessex who was exiled by Penda of Mercia. Anna’s daughter Ethelreda married Egfrith of Northumbria. Anna was killed in battle against Penda at Blytheburgh.
Aethelhere 654 – 655
Son of Eni (Raedwald’s brother)
Succeeded after the death of his brother. He allied himself with Penda of Mercia against Oswiu of Northumbria. Both men were killed in the Battle of Winwaed against Northumbria.
Aethelwold I 655 – 663
Son of Eni (Raedwald’s brother)
Little is known of Aethelwold’s reign. Unlike his predecessors his reign was not subject to invasion by Mercia because Penda had been killed in the Battle of Winwaed
Ealdwulf 663 – 713
Son of Aethelhere
Ealdwulf’s reign began with a great plague that likely killed a large number of the population. Afterwards, East Anglia was relatively peaceful and saw a period of economic growth. Ealdwulf ruled until his death.
Aelfwald 713 – 749
Son of Ealdwulf
Aelfwald was the last of the Wuffingas dynasty. His reign saw continued peace in East Anglia.
Beonna 749 – c758
Lineage unknown
Beonna was ruler of East Anglia after the death of Ealdwulf. Very little is known of his life or reign. He may have jointly reigned with Alberht and possibly Hun, or they may have been sub-kings.
Aethelred c.758 – 779
Son of Beonna
There are no recorded details of his reign.
Aethelberht II 779 – 794
Descendant of Aelfwald
The Kingdom of East Anglia was under continual attack from Offa of Mercia. Aethelberht was captured and executed under the order of Offa of Mercia.
Offa of Mercia 794 – 29th July 796
Great-great grandson of Eowa
Took control of East Anglia until his death.
Eadwald 796 – 798
Lineage unknown
After the death of Offa of Mercia, East Anglia managed to regain independence under Eadwald. He reigned until he either died or was deposed by Ceonwulf.
Ceonwulf I 798 – 821
Son of Offa
After the death of his father was unable to maintain control of East Anglia. After the death of Eadwald he took the county back under the control of Mercia.
Ceolwulf I 821 – 823
Son of Offa
Became King after his brother died. Aethelstan of East Anglia had tried to take the throne after the death of Ceonwulf but was unsuccessful. He was deposed by Beornwulf.
Beornwulf 823 – 826
Lineage unknown
Mercia began to lose control during the reign of Beornwulf. He fought the Battle of Ellandon against Wessex and lost. Aethelstan again challenged Mercian rule in East Anglia. Beornwulf attacked but was killed in battle.
Aethelstan 826 – 839
Lineage unknown
After the death of Beornwulf Aethelstan took control of East Anglia. He remained king until his death.
Aethelweard 839 – 855
Lineage unknown
Became king after the death of Aethelstan. His reign saw the first Viking attack on neighbouring Lindsey. Little else is known of his reign which ended when he died.
Son of Aethelweard
Became King after the death of his father. He was the last native East Anglian king. He was killed by the Vikings after being tied to a tree and shot with arrows until he died.
Oswald 869 – 876
Lineage unknown
Oswald was installed as a puppet king by the Vikings.
Aethelred II 876 – 879
Lineage unknown
Was a puppet king under Viking rule.
Viking leader
After agreeing the Peace of Wedmore with Alfred the Great, Guthrum was baptised and ruled East Anglia as King Aethelstan until his death.
Eohric 890 – 902
Lineage unknown
Succeeded Guthrum as king of East Anglia. He supported the cause of Aethelwold of Wessex against King Alfred’s son, Edward the Elder. Although the Vikings were victorious at the Battle of Holme, Aethelwold and Eohric were killed.
Guthrum II 902 – 918
Lineage unknown
Guthrum took control after the death of Eohric. The Viking victory at the Battle of Holme meant Guthrum II was able to gain a payment of silver from Edward the Elder to maintain peace. In 918 Guthrum was killed in battle against Edward who took control of East Anglia.


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