Raedwald King of East Anglia Timeline c570-c624

Raedwald King of East Anglia

Father – Tytila of East Anglia
Mother – Unknown
Spouse – unknown
Children – Raegenhere, Eorpwald (d. 627)
King of East Anglia – 599 – 624
Predecessor – Tytila c578 – 599
Successor – Eorpwald 624 – c627


570 (around)
Raedwald, King of East Anglia, was born. His father was Tytila, son of Wehha, his mother’s name is unknown.
570 (around)
Raedwald’s grandfather Wehha died and his uncle Wuffa became King of East Anglia. Wuffa succeeded in uniting all of East Anglia. His descendants were known as the Wuffingas.
570 (after)
Raedwald’s brother Eni was born.
578 (around)
Raedwald’s father became King of East Anglia after the death of his elder brother Wuffa.
595 (around)
Raedwald married. The lady’s name is not known but she is believed to have been a pagan princess. She may have had a son, Sigeberht, from a previous relationship.
597 (June)
Augustine arrived in England from Rome. He had been sent to convert England to Christianity. King Aethelberht of Kent was christened soon afterwards.
599 (during)
Raedwald became King of East Anglia after his father, Tytila died.
604 (around)
Raedwald paid a visit to Kent and was baptised during the visit. It is likely that King Aethelberht was his sponsor. It is unclear how committed a Christian Raedwald was, his wife did not convert and some sources state that his temple had two altars, one for pagan gods and the other for Christ.
604 (around)
Aethelfrith became King of Northumbria (Deira and Bernicia). Edwin, the young son of King Aelle of Deira was exiled.
610 (around)
Edwin of Deira, who had been exiled from Northumbria, married Cwenburg, daughter of Cearl of Mercia.
616 (around)
Edwin of Deira (Northumbria) was living in East Anglia under the protection of Raedwald.
616 (24th February)
King Aethelberht of Kent died. He was succeeded by his son Eadbald who was less powerful than his father.
617 (around)
Battle of the River Idle
This was a fierce battle fought between East Anglia and Northumbria at the River Idle, Markham Moor, Retford. At the time of the battle it marked the western border of Lindsey. Aethelfrith, King of Northumbria, was killed in the fighting. Raedwald’s son Raegenhere may also have been killed. Having won the battle, Raedwald installed Edwin of Deira as King of Northumbria.
617 (during)
Raedwald of East Anglia was now the most powerful leader in England and was called Bretwalda.
620 (around)
The settlement at Gipeswic (Ipswich) began to become an important trading port.
624 (around)
Raedwald of East Anglia died and was buried in East Anglia. He was succeeded by his son Eorpwald.
1939 (during)
Excavation of three mounds at Sutton Hoo was found to contain a long ship, jewellery, coins, goblets, plate, weapons and an ornate gilded helmet. The burial site is believed to be that of King Raedwald.


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