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This timeline details all Kings of Wessex from 519 to 927

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Son of Elesa
Cerdic and his son landed in the south of England in 495 and went on to conquer the west Saxons to become the first King of Wessex.
Son of Cerdic
Fought many battles against the Britons.
Son of Cynric
Ceawlin continued his father’s work to expand Wessex but was deposed by his nephew Ceol.
Ceol 591 – 597
Son of Cuthwulf and grandson of Cynric
Became King after deposing Ceawlin.
Ceolwulf 597 – 611
Son of Cuthwulf
Became king after his brother, possibly because Ceol’s son was still young. He fought many battles against the Britons
Cynegils 611 – 643
Son of Ceol or Ceowulf
Fought battles against the Mericans and Northumbrians. He was baptised as a Christian in the 630s. He may have ruled jointly with Cwichelm.
Cwichelm 626 – 636
May have been the son of Cynegils or another relative
It is believed that he ruled jointly with Cynegils.
Cenwalh 643 – 645
Son of Cynegils
Married the sister of Penda of Mercia
Ruled after the death of his father. He was defeated and exiled in 645 by King Penda of Mercia after putting aside his wife.
Penda 645 – 648
Son of Pybba of Mercia
Married Cynewise
Took control of Wessex after defeating and exiling Cenwalh who had put aside his wife, Penda’s sister.
Cenwalh 648 – 672
Son of Cynegils
Married Seaxburh
Returned to power after being exiled for three years.
Seaxburh 672 – 674
Married – Cenwalh
Ruled after the death of her husband until her own death.
Aescwine 674 – 676
Son of Cenfus, descendant of Cynric
Aescwine may have ruled with his father.
Centwine 676 – 685
Possibly son of Cynegils
Ruled for ten years then abdicated and became a monk.
Caedwalla 685 – 688
Son of Coenberht, possibly a descendant of Cwichelm
Married Cynethryth
May have been exiled in his youth. He took control of Sussex after defeating King Aethelwealh but was later deposed. He may have co-ruled with Centwine for a time. He became King of Wessex after Centwine abdicated.
Ine 689 – 726
Son of Cenred, descendant of Cynric
Married Aethelburh of Wessex
He may have ruled with his father Cenred for a while. Ine developed a code of laws for Wessex. Ine abdicated and went to Rome.
Aethelheard 726 – 740
Possibly brother of Aethelburh, wife of Ine
Married Frithugyth
Became King of Wessex after Ine abdicated.
Cuthred 740 – 756
Possibly brother of Aethelheard
Fought against Aethelbald of Mercia who became overlord of Wessex. Cuthred’s son tried to depose him but was killed in the attempt. In 752 Cuthred defeated the Mercians and Wessex became independent again.
Sigeberht 756 – 757
A distant relative of Cuthred
Was removed from power by the Witan after being accused of ruling unlawfully.
Cynewulf 757 – 786
Descendant of Cerdic
Fought many battles against Offa of Mercia. He was murdered by Cyneheard, brother of Sigeberht.
Beorhtric 786 – 802
Descendant of Cerdic
Married Eadburh, daughter of Offa of Mercia. The first Viking raid in the south occurred in 789.
Son of Ealhmund of Kent
Married to Redburga, daughter of Charlemagne, King of the Franks (this may be legend)
Egbert was ruler of Kent and managed to gain the submission of all Kingdoms of England. This was short-lived but he retained control of Wessex until his death.
Son of King Egbert
Married to 1. Osburgh 2. Judith of France
Succeeded his father as King of Wessex. He faced repeated Viking invasions and raids. He took his youngest son, Alfred on a pilgrimage to Rome and on the way back married Judith of France, the 12 year old daughter of King Charles (the Bald) of France.
Son of King Aethelwulf and Osburgh
Ruled while his father was on pilgrimage and succeeded after his death. Aethelbald scandalously married his father’s widow, Judith of France.
Son of King Aethelwulf and Osburgh
Did not marry
Became King of Wessex after the death of his brother, Aethelbald
Son of King Aethelwulf and Osburgh
Married to Wulfthryth
Became King after the death of his brother, Aethelberht. His reign saw repeated Viking invasions and he died from injuries sustained in the Battle of Meretum. His sons Aethelhelm and Aethelwold were considered too young to rule when Aethelwulf died.
Son of King Aethelwulf and Osburgh
Married to Ealhswith
Alfred succeeded his brother Aethelred as King of Wessex. He drove the Vikings out of Wessex and began to unite England. He also fortified many towns against future Viking attacks.
Son of King Alfred the Great and Ealhswith
Married 1. Ecgwynn, 2. Aelfflaed, 3. Eadgifu
Edward continued to drive out the Vikings and work towards uniting England. He took control of Mercia after the death of his sister, Aethelflaed, Lady of Mercia.
Son of King Edward the Elder and Ecgwynn
Did not marry
Achieved his father’s and grandfather’s aims and united England after taking Northumbria. He is generally recognised as the first King of all England


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