William Carey Timeline 1500-1528

William Carey Timeline

Born – c1500
Died – 22nd June 1528
Father – Thomas Carey (1455 – 1500)
Mother – Margaret Spencer (1472 – 1536)
Spouse – m. 1520 – Mary Boleyn (c1500 – 1543)
Children – Catherine (1524 – 1569), Henry (1526 – 1596)


1500 (around)
William Carey was born to Sir Thomas Carey and Margaret Spencer. He was the couple’s sixth child and had five elder sisters and an elder brother.
1501 (around)
William’s sister, Mary, was born to Thomas Carey and Margaret Spencer.
1502 (around)
William’s brother, Edward, was born to Thomas Carey and Margaret Spencer.
1518 (around)
William became a member of the King’s Privy Chamber.
1520 (4th February)
William Carey married Mary Boleyn. King Henry VIII attended the wedding and gave them 6 shillings and 8 pence (£200 today) as a wedding present.
1520 (around)
Mary Boleyn began an affair with Henry VIII. It is not known whether the affair began before or after her marriage.
1520 (June)
Field of the Cloth of Gold
William travelled to France with the royal party to take part in this summit meeting with Francis I.
1521 (around)
William received a number of grants of land from the King. This may be because he turned a blind eye to his wife’s affair with Henry VIII.
1522 (January)
Mary’s sister, Anne Boleyn returned to England from France.
1524 (during)
A daughter Catherine, was born to Mary Boleyn and William Carey. Some historians believe she may have been fathered by King Henry VIII.
1526 (early)
Henry VIII aged 35 years asked Carey’s sister-in-law, Anne Boleyn aged 19 years to become his mistress. He was amazed when she refused saying that she would only surrender her virginity to the man she married.
1526 (4th March)
A son, Henry, was born to Mary Boleyn and William Carey.
1527 (during)
Henry VIII was determined to marry Anne Boleyn and set about gaining a divorce from Catherine of Aragon.
1528 (May)
Sweating sickness, a form of plague, reached London.
1528 (22nd June)
William Carey died of sweating sickness.


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