King Egbert of Wessex Timeline 770-839

Egbert of Wessex

Born – c. 770
Died – February 839
Father – Ealmund of Kent
Mother – Not Known
Spouse – Redburga (possibly)
ChildrenAethelwulf (795 – 858)
King of Wessex – 800 – 839
Predecessor – Beorhtric – 786 – 802
SuccessorAethelwulf – 839 – 858


770 (around)
Egbert (sometimes spelt Ecgberht) of Wessex, was born to Ealhmund of Kent.
786 (during)
King Cynewulf of Wessex was murdered. Beothric was elected to be King but Egbert contested this, believing he had a legitimate claim to the throne. Beothric maintained his position and Egbert fled to Mercia where he took refuge with King Offa.
787 (around)
Beothric made an alliance with King Offa and Egbert fled to France where he lived in the court of Charlemagne.
790 (around)
Egbert married Redburga, allegedly daughter of Charlemagne, King of the Franks, but this is uncertain.
795 (around)
A son, Aethelwulf was born to Egbert and Redburga.
802 (during)
Beorhtric of Wessex died. Egbert returned to England and succeeded as King of Wessex.
825 (September)
Battle of Ellandun
Egbert defeated Beornwulf of Mercia. This made Egbert the dominant ruler in England.
825 (Autumn)
Egbert’s son, Aethelwulf, became Subregulus of Kent, Essex, Sussex and Surrey.
826 (during)
Beornwulf of Mercia invaded East Anglia to recover his rule there but he was killed during the battle.
827 (during)
Ludeca of Mercia, Beornwulf’s successor, invaded East Anglia but he was killed during battle.
829 (during)
Egbert became King of Mercia after defeating King Wiglaf of Mercia in battle. Wiglaf was forced into exile.
829 (late)
Battle of the River Dore
Egbert defeated the Northumbrians and they were forced to submit to him. This was the first time that any one King had overlordship over all kingdoms of England.
830 (during)
Egbert was expelled from Mercia by the Mercian King, Wiglaf.
836 (during)
Battle of Carhampton
The Vikings had attacked North Devon and Somerset. Egbert tried to defeat them but he was forced to retreat.
838 (during)
Battle of Hingston Down
Egbert fought a combined force of Vikings and Cornishmen and was victorious.
839 (February)
Egbert died and was buried at Winchester. He was succeeded by his son, Aethelwulf.


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