Ceawlin King of Wessex d 592 Timeline

Ceawlin King of Wessex likeness unknown

Father – Cynric King of Wessex (d. 560)
Mother – Unknown
Spouse – Unknown
Children – Cuthwine
King of Wessex – 560 – 591
Predecessor – Cynric 538 – 560
Successor – Ceol 591 – 597


540 (around)
Ceawlin King of Wessex was born the son of Cynric, who was King of Wessex. The exact year of Ceawlin’s birth is not known but it is known that he fought his first battle in 556. A birth year of 540 would make him 16 years old at this battle.
556 (during)
Battle of Beranburh (Barbury Castle)
Ceawlin and his father, Cynric defeated a force of Britons in this battle.
560 (during)
Ceawlin became King of Wessex after his father died.
568 (during)
Battle of Wibbandun
Ceawlin fought this battle against King Aethelberht of Kent. The records state that Ceawlin drove Aethelberht back to Kent. This suggests that Aethelberht was the aggressor and had invaded Wessex. Ceawlin was supported by Cutha who may have been a sub-king.
571 (during)
Battle of Bedcanford
This was a battle fought between Ceawlin’s brother, Cuthwulf, and the Britons. Cuthwulf took Limbury, Aylesbury, Benson and Eynsham.
571 (during)
Ceawlin’s brother, Cuthwulf, died.
577 (during)
Ceawlin and his son, Cuthwine fought a battle against the Britons in the Severn region. They took the towns of Gloucester, Cirencester and Bath.
584 (during)
Battle of Fethan leag
Ceawlin fought this battle against Britons. There is dispute among historians as to whether he won or lost the battle since the sources offer conflicting evidence.
591 (during)
Battle of Woden’s Barrow
Ceawlin was beaten in battle and driven out of Wessex by his nephew, Ceol, son of Cuthwulf.
592 (during)
Ceawlin is believed to have died.


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