Cerdic King of Wessex Timeline d. 538

Cerdic King of Wessex

Father – Elesa
Mother – Unknown
Spouse – Unknown
Children – Cynric (d. 560)
First King of Wessex – 519 – 538
Successor – Cynric – 538 – 560


495 (before)
Cerdic may have been an ealdorman of England who left, or was banished from the country and went to Brittany. The name Cerdic is British in origin so it is likely that he was born in England or that his parents were Britons.
495 (during)
Cerdic landed in the south with his son Cynric. They arrived with five ships of Saxons. The exact location of their landing is not known but is thought to have been in modern day Hampshire.
500 (around)
Battle of Mons Badon
Cerdic may have fought at this battle fought between the Britons and Saxons. Although the battle is mentioned in many sources, historians are divided as to its exact date and location. The victorious Britons may have been led by a chieftain named Arthur. Later, writers developed this character into the legendary King Arthur.
508 (during)
Battle of Natanleaga
Cerdic fought and killed Natanleod, King of a tribe of Britons, at Natanleaga (Netley Marsh, Hampshire).
514 (during)
Cerdic’s kinsmen Stuf and Wihtgar arrived in England.
519 (during)
Cerdic defeated the Britons at Charford giving the Saxons greater control.
519 (during)
Cerdic became leader of the West Saxons forming the Kingdom of Wessex.
527 (during)
Sources indicate that Cerdic, King of Wessex, and his son, Cynric, fought another battle against the Britons, but the location is unclear.
530 (around)
Cerdic conquered the Isle of Wight after killing a large number of men at Carisbrooke. He gave the island to his kinsmen Stuf and Wihtgar.
534 (during)
Cerdic died. He was succeeded by his son, Cynric.


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