Kings of Sussex Timeline 477-825

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This timeline details all Kings of Sussex from 477 to 827

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Lineage unknown
Aelle, leader of the South Saxons, landed at Cymensora (possibly Selsey) and conquered the region to become first King of Sussex. The exact date of his death is not known but thought to be around 514.
Cissa – c514 – c567
Son of Aelle
Succeeded his father as King. Little is known of his life or reign. It is believed he died around 567.
567 – 660
There are no records of who held the position of King of Sussex during this period.
Aethelwealh c660 – 685
Lineage unknown
Married Eafe
Records indicate Aethelwealh was King by 660. It is known that he became a Christian while visiting King Wulfhere of Mercia around 661. He was killed in battle by Caedwalla of Wessex.
Berhthun and Andhun 685 – 686
Earldormen of Sussex
Took control after the death of Aethelwealh and drove Caedwalla out. However Caedwalla returned the following year and killed Berhthun. The fate of Andhun is not known.
686 – 692
Sussex was under the control of Wessex but it is not clear who ruled during this period
Nothelm and Watt 692 – 717
Nothelm may have been a kinsman of King Ine of Wessex. He may have ruled Sussex jointly with Watt or some sources indicate Watt may have been ruler of the Haestingas people. Watt disappeared from records around 700.
Aethelstan 717 – c740
Lineage unknown
Married Aethelthryth
Little is known of Aethelstan. He may have ruled jointly with Nothelm before ruling on his own. In 722 Ine of Wessex attacked Sussex and killed Ealdberht, a nobleman exiled from Wessex who had sought refuge in Sussex. In 726 Ine of Wessex abdicated and Wessex and Sussex came under the control of Aethelbald of Mercia.
Aethelberht c740 – 758
Lineage unknown
Little is known of his reign.
Osmund 758 – c772
Lineage unknown
It is believed he ruled with sub-kings Oslac, Ealdwulf and Aelfwald. Around 770 Offa of Mercia took control of Sussex. Osmund and his sub-kings were demoted.
Oslac c772 – c791
Sub-king under Osmund
May have ruled as a puppet king under the control of Offa of Mercia.
791 – 825
It is unclear who ruled Sussex during this time though it is thought to have remained under the control of Mercia.
Egbert of Wessex 825
Lineage unknown
King Egbert of Wessex defeated Mercia at the Battle of Ellandon. Egbert received the submission of Sussex and Essex. Sussex, now a province of Wessex, was no longer a kingdom.


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