King Aelle of Sussex d. c 514 Timeline

Aelle of Sussex


Father – Unknown
Mother – Unknown
Spouse – Unknown
Children – Cymen, Wlencing, Cissa


477 (during)
Aelle, his sons, Cymen, Wlencing and Cissa landed at Cymensora (possibly Selsey) with three ships full of men.
477 (during)
Aelle and his army fought and defeated the local Britons.
477 (during)
Aelle was known as Bretwaldas of the South Saxons. The term is thought to mean ‘ruler of Britain’ and suggests he was held in high regard. The region conquered by the South Saxons became known as Sussex.
485 (during)
Battle of Mercredesburne
The exact location of this battle is not known but two possible locations are Ashburnham and Penhurst in East Sussex. It was fought between the Saxon forces led by Aelle and local Britons possibly led by Aurelius Ambrosius. The Saxons won the battle.
491 (during)
Siege of Andredes Cester (Pevensey)
Aelle lay siege to the Roman Fort at Pevensey. When the fort fell the Saxons massacred all those inside.
500 (around)
Battle of Mons Badon
Aelle may have fought at this battle fought between the Britons and Saxons or he may have sent one or more of his sons at the head of a Saxon force. Although the battle is mentioned in many sources, historians are divided as to its exact date and location. The victorious Britons may have been led by a chieftain named Arthur. Later, writers developed this character into the legendary King Arthur.
514 (around)
It is believed that King Aelle of Sussex died around this date. It is thought that he was succeeded by his son Cissa.


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