Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Timeline 1921-2021

Prince PhilipBorn – 10th June 1921
Died – 9th April 2021
Father – Prince Andrew of Greece (1882 – 1944)
MotherPrincess Alice of Battenberg (1885 – 1969)
Spouse – m. 1947 – Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)
ChildrenCharles (b. 1948), Anne (b. 1950), Andrew (b. 1960), Edward (b. 1964)
Royal Consort – 1952 – 2021
PredecessorElizabeth Bowes-Lyon 1936 – 1952


1921 (10th June)
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was born the fifth child of Prince Andrew of Greece and Princess Alice of Battenberg on the island of Corfu.
1922 (22nd September)
Philip’s uncle King Constantine I of Greece was forced to abdicate the throne. Philip’s father was arrested.
1922 (December)
Prince Andrew of Greece was tried by a revolutionary court in Greece and was banished from Greece for life. The family moved to Paris, France where they were taken in by Philip’s uncle George and his wife Marie Bonaparte. The exiled family lived in a lodge in the grounds of their home.
1928 (Autumn)
Prince Philip was sent to live with his Mountbatten relatives in England in order to attend Cheam school.
1931 (during)
Philip’s mother suffered a mental breakdown and was committed to the psychiatric clinic at Kreuzlingen on Lake Constance. Philip had little contact with her from this point.
1931 (during)
Philip’s father left the family home in Paris and went to live in the South of France.
1933 (during)
Philip attended the Schule Schloss Salem school run by the Jewish educationalist Kurt Hahn in Germany. However, following Nazi persecution Hahn fled to Scotland and founded Gordonstoun School.
1934 (Spring)
Philip transferred to Gordonstoun School in Scotland. He spent school holidays with his guardian Georgie, Marquess of Milford Haven, elder brother of his mother, but saw his father on occasion.
1937 (16th November)
Philip’s sister Cecilie, her husband and children were killed in a plane crash.
1937 (late November)
Prince Philip went to Germany to attend the funerals of his sister and her family.
1938 (8th April)
Philip’s uncle and guardian, Lord Milford Haven died of bone cancer. Philip came under the care of Richard (Dickie) Mountbatten.
1938 (Summer)
Philip went to Venice to spend the Summer Holiday with his Aunt Aspasia, Princess of Greece and Denmark.
1938 (Summer)
While in Venice Philip spent time with the American actress Cobina Wright.
1938 (late)
Having left school, Philip became a cadet at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, Devon.
1939 (22nd July)
Philip met Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret when they made a royal tour of the Royal Dartmouth Naval College. Philip and Elizabeth began to correspond by letter.
1939 (September)
After World War Two broke out Philip was persuaded to finish his naval training by his cousin, King George II of Greece.
1939 (late)
Philip spent time with Canadian debutante Osla Benning who was living in England at the time.
1940 (January)
Philip graduated from Dartmouth Naval College and was sent to sea on the HMS Ramillies where he saw action in the Indian Ocean as a midshipman.
1940 (October)
Philip was transferred to HMS Valiant in the Mediterranean Sea where he took part in the Battle of Cape Matapan in March 1941.
1941 (Summer)
Philip returned to England and spent more time with Osla Benning.
1941 (October)
Philip spent a part of his leave at Windsor with the Royal Family..
1942 (16th July)
Philip became a lieutenant and served on board the destroyer HMS Wallace.
1943 (Christmas)
Philip stayed with the Royal Family at Christmas. He was taken with the 17 year old Princess Elizabeth.
1944 (during)
Philip was appointed First Lieutenant of the destroyer HMS Whelp in the Indian Ocean.
1944 (3rd December)
Philip’s father died in Monte Carlo, France.
1945 (August)
Philip was serving in Tokyo Bay when the Japanese surrendered ending World War Two.
1946 (17th January)
Philip returned to England from the Far East. He stayed at Kensington Palace with his grandmother and also with his uncle, Dickie Mountbatten. He began to visit Princess Elizabeth frequently.
1946 (29th May)
Philip attended the wedding of Princess Elizabeth’s new lady-in-waiting.
1946 (August)
Prince Philip was invited to Balmoral for three weeks to shoot grouse. It was almost certainly during this stay he asked King George VI for permission to marry Princess Elizabeth. King George agreed to the marriage but said that the couple had to wait until the Princess was 21.
1947 (28th February)
Philip of Greece renounced his Greek nationality and became a British subject. He took the surname Mountbatten. He also converted to Anglican faith.
1947 (9th July)
Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten and Princess Elizabeth were formally engaged to be married.
1947 (19th November)
Philip of Greece was created Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich.
1947 (20th November)
Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Elizabeth were married at Westminster Abbey. None of Philip’s surviving German relatives were invited to attend the wedding. The royal couple began married life by living at Windlesham Moor near Windsor Castle.
1948 (14th November)
A son, Charles Philip Arthur George was born to Elizabeth and Philip at Buckingham Palace, London.
1949 (July)
Philip and Elizabeth moved to Clarence House, London.
1949 (during)
Philip became First Lieutenant of HMS Chequers stationed in Malta.
1950 (16th July)
Philip became Lieutenant Commander of HMS Magpie.
1950 (15th August)
A daughter, Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise was born to Elizabeth and Philip at Clarence House, London.
1951 (during)
Philip left the Royal Navy and he and Princess Elizabeth returned to Clarence House because King George VI was in poor health.
1951 (4th November)
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Elizabeth were appointed members of the King’s Privy Council. .
1952 (during)
Philip was promoted to the rank of commander. Soon afterwards he resigned his command to fulfil royal duties.
1952 (31st January)
Philip and Elizabeth left Britain to begin a tour of East Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
1952 (6th February)
While Philip and Elizabeth were on tour in Kenya, the news was received that King George VI had died. Elizabeth was now Queen. Prince Charles became Duke of Cornwall and Rethesay, Earl of Carrick, Lord of the Isles and Baron Renfrew upon his mother’s accession to the throne.
1952 (15th February)
The funeral of Elizabeth’s father, King George VI was held at St George’s Chapel, Westminster Abbey.
1952 (7th April)
Although Philip had hoped that his wife would take his surname Mountbatten, it was announced that Elizabeth would retain the surname ‘Windsor’.
1953 (4th May)
Philip, who had been having flying lessons, became a qualified pilot.
1953 (2nd June)
Elizabeth was crowned Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey by Dr Geoffrey Fisher Archbishop of Canterbury. It was the first royal coronation to be televised. During the ceremony Prince Philip pledged his allegiance to the Queen.
1953 (24th November)
Philip and Elizabeth left Britain to make a seven-month tour of the Commonwealth.
1954 (15th May)
Philip and Elizabeth returned to Britain.
1956 (during)
Philip made a tour of the Commonwealth on the royal yacht Britannia. It was his first solo tour. While in Australia he opened the Summer Olympics in Melbourne.
1956 (during)
Philip founded the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.
1957 (27th February)
Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was granted the style HRH. He became known as His Royal Highness Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh.
1957 (14th October)
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh swore an oath of allegiance to the Queen in Canada.
1958 (26th July)
Philip’s son, Prince Charles was created Earl of Chester and Prince of Wales.
1960 (19th February)
A son, Andrew Albert Christian Edward was born to Elizabeth and Philip at Buckingham Palace, London.
1961 (during)
Prince Philip became President of the World Wide Fund for Nature.
1964 (14th November)
A son, Edward Antony Richard Louis was born to Elizabeth and Philip at Buckingham Palace, London.
1969 (during)
Prince Charles was made a Knight of the Garter.
1969 (1st July)
Prince Philip was present at the investiture ceremony when Queen Elizabeth invested Charles, as Prince of Wales at Caernarvon Castle.
1969 (5th December)
Philip’s mother, Princess Alice, died at Buckingham Palace, London.
1973 (14th November)
Philip and Elizabeth’s daughter, Princess Anne, married Captain Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey.
1976 (during)
Prince Charles was made a Knight of the Bath.
1977 (17th May)
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth embarked on a three month tour of Britain to celebrate her Silver Jubilee.
1979 (27th August)
Elizabeth’s second cousin, Lord Louis Mountbatten was assassinated by an IRA bomb off the Western coast of Ireland.
1981 (early)
Philip wrote to his son, Prince Charles, telling him to either propose to Lady Diana Spencer or break off the relationship.
1981 (24th February)
Prince Charles, announced his engagement to Lady Diana Spencer.
1981 (29th July)
Prince Charles married Lady Diana Frances Spencer at St Paul’s Cathedral.
1982 (21st June)
A son, William Arthur Philip Louis was born to Prince Charles and Lady Diana.
1982 (9th July)
Michael Fagan broke into the Queen’s home, Buckingham Palace and entered her bedroom before police were called and he was arrested.
1984 (15th September)
A son, Henry Charles Albert David, known as Harry, was born to Prince Charles and Lady Diana.
1986 (during)
Philip created a stir when he made an offside remark about ‘slitty eyes’ while on an official visit of China.
1992 (early)
Both Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth tried to effect a reconciliation of the marriage of Charles and Diana which had broken down. They were unsuccessful.
1992 (7th June)
The Sunday Times published the first part of Andrew Morton’s book ‘Diana, Her True Story’ which was fiercely critical of the Royal family.
1992 (20th November)
Windsor Castle, one of Elizabeth’s properties, was partly destroyed by a fire.
1992 (24th November)
Queen Elizabeth made a speech calling 1992 her annus horribilis.
1992 (9th December)
It was announced in the House of Commons that Prince Charles and Lady Diana were to separate.
1995 (during)
Prince Philip took part in celebrations to mark the anniversary of VJ day by marching with other World War Two veterans.
1996 (28th August)
The marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana was formally dissolved.
1997 (31st August)
Lady Diana Spencer was killed in a car crash in Paris.
1997 (early September)
The Queen was fiercely criticised for remaining in Scotland rather than returning to London and also for not flying the flag on Buckingham Palace at half mast following the death of Lady Diana.
1997 (5th September)
Queen Elizabeth made a public broadcast commending Diana and expressing her feelings as a grandmother for her two grandsons.
1997 (6th September)
Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry and Charles Spencer walked behind Diana’s coffin in her funeral procession.
2002 (9th February)
Elizabeth’s sister, Margaret, died following a stroke.
2002 (30th March)
Philip’s mother-in-law, Elizabeth known as the Queen Mother, died at the age of 101.
2002 (30th April)
Celebrations were held throughout the Commonwealth to mark the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. During the year Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited Jamaica, New Zealand, Australia and Canada as well as the four countries of the United Kingdom. Philip caused a stir when he asked an Aborigine if ‘you still throw spears at each other.’
2005 (9th April)
Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles. The ceremony was held in a registry office and was intentionally low key as many people blamed the relationship between Charles and Camilla for the divorce and subsequent death of Diana.
2006 (21st April)
Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 80th birthday.
2006 (17th June
A service of Thanksgiving was held at St George’s Chapel, Windsor and also at St Paul’s Cathedral to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s official 80th birthday.
2007 (20th November)
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.
2008 (April)
Prince Philip was admitted to hospital to be treated for a chest infection.
2011 (29th April)
Elizabeth’s grandson, second in line to the throne, Prince William, married Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey.
2011 (June)
Prince Philip celebrated his 90th birthday. The Queen created him Lord High Admiral of the Royal Navy. He announced that he would begin to reduce his public duties.
2011 (23rd December)
Prince Philip was taken to hospital after suffering chest pains.
2012 (during)
To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Prince Charles and Camilla visited Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea while her grandson William and his wife Kate Middleton visited Tuvalu.
2012 (2nd – 5th June)
Celebrations were held throughout the Commonwealth to celebrate Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. Despite poor weather thousands turned out to witness the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant where 1,000 boats and barges sailed up the River in procession. A live concert was also held outside Buckingham Palace.
2012 (4th June)
Philip was admitted to King Edward VII hospital suffering from a bladder infection.
2012 (27th July)
Queen Elizabeth accompanied by Prince Philip officially opened the London Olympic Games. Queen Elizabeth appeared as a ‘Bond Girl’ in a short film made for the opening ceremony.
2012 (August)
Philip was re-admitted to hospital with a recurrence of a bladder infection.
2013 (June)
Prince Philip was admitted to the London Clinic for an abdominal exploratory operation.
2013 (22nd July)
A son, George, was born to Prince William and Catherine. He became third in line to the throne.
2015 (early)
Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was made a knight of the Order of Australia for royal service.
2015 (2nd May)
A daughter, Charlotte, was born to Prince William and Catherine. She became fourth in line to the throne.
2015 (9th September)
Queen Elizabeth became the longest reigning British monarch having surpassed the reign of Queen Victoria.
2016 (10th June)
Prince Philip celebrated his 95th birthday.
2016 (25th December)
Prince Philip attended church without the Queen because she was ill with a bad cold.
2017 (1st January)
Philip attended the New Year Church Service without the Queen because she continued to be unwell.
2017 (6th February)
Queen Elizabeth celebrated her sapphire jubilee having been Queen for 65 years.
2017 (3rd April)
Philip was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital for a hip replacement operation. The operation was a success and he was discharged 11 days later.
2017 (2nd August)
Philip made his last official royal engagement.
2017 (20th November)
Philip was created Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order.
2018 (23rd April)
A son, Louis Arthur Charles was born to Prince William and Catherine. He became fifth in line to the throne.
2018 (19th May)
Philip attended the wedding of his grandson, Prince Harry to Meghan Markle at St George’s Chapel Windsor.
2018 (12th October)
Philip attended the wedding of his granddaughter, Princess Eugenie to Jack Brooksbank at St George’s Chapel Windsor.
2018 (11th November)
Philip missed the Remembrance Day service for the first time.
2019 (17th January)
Prince Philip was involved in a road traffic accident after his Land Rover collided with a Kia near Sandringham. The Duke was shaken but unhurt.
2019 (9th February)
It was reported that Prince Philip had voluntarily given up his driving license.
2019 (18th May)
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II attended the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Mr Thomas Kingston at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.
2019 (20th December)
Prince Philip was admitted to the King Edward VII hospital in London for observation and treatment of an existing condition.
2020 (19th March)
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II left London for Windsor Castle due to the coronavirus outbreak.
2020 (17th July)
Philip attended the wedding of his granddaughter, Princess Beatrice. The ceremony was held privately at the Royal Chapel of All Saints at Royal Lodge, Windsor.
2021 (17th February)
Prince Philip was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in London as a precaution after feeling unwell for a few days.
2021 (1st March)
Prince Philip was transferred to St Bartholomew’s Hospital where he underwent further tests and surgery for a pre-existing heart condition. He remained there for 4 days and then returned to King Edward VII hospital.
2021 (9th April)
Prince Philip died at Windsor Castle.
2021 (17th April)
Prince Philip was buried in St George’s Chapel, Windsor.


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