Owen Tudor Timeline c1400-1461

Owen TudorBorn – c1400
Died – 2nd February 1461
Father – Maredudd ap Tudur (d. c1406)
Mother – Margaret ferch Dafydd
Spouse – m. 1427 – Catherine of Valois (1401 – 1437)
ChildrenEdmund Tudor (1430 – 1456), Jasper Tudor (1431 – 1495), Margaret (b. 1437)


1400 (around)
Owen Tudor, was born to Maredudd ap Tudur and Margaret ferch Dafydd in Anglesey, Wales. The Tudurs were a notable family in Wales. Very little is known of Owen’s life before his marriage.
1415 (25th October)
Battle of Agincourt
Some sources suggest that Owen Tudor was present at this battle.
1420 (2nd June)
King Henry V married Catherine Valois, daughter of King Charles VI of France, at Troyes in France.
1421 (during)
Tudor is believed to have been in the service of Sir Walter Hungerford, the King’s Steward.
1421 (6th December)
A son, Henry was born to Henry V and Catherine of Valois at Windsor Castle.
1422 (around)
Owen Tudor was present at the English court as either the keeper of the wardrobe for Catherine of Valois or her server at table.
1422 (31st August)
King Henry V contracted dysentery and died in Vincennes, France. His son, Henry, aged 9 months became King Henry VI.
1428 (around)
Catherine secretly married or entered into a romantic relationship with Owen Tudor who was the keeper of her wardrobe.
1428 (during)
Some sources state that an act was passed that Catherine could not remarry without the consent of the King and council. However, no record of the act exists today. There was, however, an act that banned marriage between someone from Wales and someone from England.
1429 (6th November)
A son, Owen, may have been born to Owen and Catherine at the Palace of Westminster. If he existed he may have remained at Westminster Abbey and became a monk.
1430 (during)
A son, Edmund, was born to Owen Tudor and Catherine Valois at Hadhan, Hertfordshire.
1431 (during)
A son, Jasper, was born to Owen and Catherine of Valois at Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
1432 (during)
Owen and Catherine had tried to keep their marriage secret because Owen was a commoner and Catherine had not sought the King’s permission to marry. However, by this time there were rumours of the marriage.
1432 (May)
Owen Tudor was granted the status and rights of an Englishman.
1436 (during)
The marriage of Owen Tudor and Catherine of Valois was now commonplace.
1436 (during)
Catherine, who was in poor health, retired to Bermondsey Abbey to await the birth of her child or was placed in the Abbey when news of her marriage was revealed.
1437 (3rd January)
A daughter, Margaret was born to Owen Tudor and Catherine of Valois. The baby survived and it is believed she became a nun, possibly at Bermondsey Abbey. Catherine died soon after giving birth leaving Owen a widower.
1437 (during)
Owen Tudor was arrested on a charge of violating the law for marrying the dowager queen without permission. He was imprisoned in Newgate Prison.
1438 (during)
Owen managed to escape from Newgate Prison but was soon recaptured and imprisoned in Windsor Castle.
1438 (during)
Owen’s two sons, Edmund and Jasper, were placed in the care of Katherine de la Pole, abbess of Barking, sister of the Duke of Suffolk.
1438 (during)
King Henry VI, now a teenager, began to take an interest in his two half brothers Edmund and Jasper.
1439 (during)
King Henry VI pardoned Owen Tudor. He was restored to his lands and was given a pension of £40 per year.
1442 (during)
Henry VI took charge of Edmund and Jasper and they joined the court.
1449 (15th December)
Owen’s son Edmund was created Earl of Richmond.
1452 (23rd November)
Owen’s son Jasper, was created Earl of Pembroke.
1453 (5th January)
Owen Tudor’s sons were knighted at the Tower of London.
1453 (24th March)
Owen’s sons were given the wardship of Margaret Beaufort, daughter and heiress of John Beaufort.
1455 (Spring)
Richard of York began raising troops against Henry VI. The King was suffering bouts of mental instability and York felt he, as heir to the throne, should rule the country. However, the Earl of Somerset had been appointed by the King’s wife, Margaret of Anjou. The conflict became known as the Wars of the Roses.
1455 (22nd May)
Richard of York captured Henry VI following the First Battle of St Albans.
1455 (Autumn)
Margaret Beaufort, the ward of Owen’s sons, was a Lancastrian and so the Tudors declared their support for King Henry VI.
1455 (1st November)
Edmund married 12 year old Margaret Beaufort.
1456 (early)
Margaret Beaufort became pregnant. Many people were shocked that Edmund had consummated the marriage because it was usual to wait until the girl was 14 years old. If the child was a boy he would be the Lancastrian heir to the throne.
1456 (10th August)
A force led by William Herbert captured Edmund Tudor and took control of Carmarthen Castle. Edmund was imprisoned in the castle.
1456 (3rd November)
Edmund Tudor died from bubonic plague while still imprisoned.
1457 (28th January)
A son, Henry Tudor, was born to Margaret Beaufort at Pembroke Castle.
1460 (July)
Owen was appointed Keeper of the Parks at Denbigh by King Henry VI.
1460 (30th December)
Battle of Wakefield
Richard of York was defeated and killed. His son, Edward Earl of March inherited his father’s titles and lands and became head of the House of York.
1461 (early)
Owen Tudor joined forces with his son, Jasper, Earl of Pembroke.
1461 (2nd February)
Battle of Mortimer’s Cross
The Yorkist army defeated a Lancastrian force led by the Earls of Pembroke and Wiltshire. Owen Tudor was captured and beheaded at Hereford.


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