Jasper Tudor Timeline 1431-1495

Jasper TudorBorn – 1431
Died – 21st December 1495
FatherOwen Tudor (1400 – 1461)
MotherCatherine of Valois (1401 – 1437)
Spouse – m. 1485 – Catherine Woodville (1458 – 1497)
Children – No children
Known to History – Uncle of King Henry VII


1431 (during)
Jasper Tudor was born to Catherine of Valois and Owen Tudor at Hatfield in Hertfordshire.
1432 (during)
The marriage of Jasper’s parents had been kept secret due to the fact that Owen was a commoner and Catherine, former Queen of England, had not sought the King’s permission to marry. By this time it was well known.
1432 (May)
Jasper’s father was granted the status and rights of an Englishman.
1436 (during)
Jasper’s mother, Catherine, who was in poor health, retired to Bermondsey Abbey to await the birth of her child.
1437 (3rd January)
Jasper’s mother, Catherine gave birth to a daughter, Margaret at Bermondsey Abbey. She died soon after giving birth.
1437 (during)
Jasper’s father, Owen, was arrested and imprisoned in Newgate Prison.
1438 (during)
Jasper’s father escaped imprisonment but was recaptured and imprisoned in Windsor Castle.
1438 (during)
Jasper and his brother, Edmund, were placed in the care of Katherine de la Pole, abbess of Barking, sister of the Duke of Suffolk.
1442 (during)
Henry VI began to take an interest in Jasper and his brother Edmund being that they were half brothers and took charge of their upbringing.
1449 (15th December)
Jasper’s brother, Edmund was created Earl of Richmond.
1452 (23rd November)
Jasper, was created Earl of Pembroke.
1453 (5th January)
Jasper and his brother Edmund were knighted at the Tower of London.
1453 (6th March)
Both Jasper and his brother Edmund took seats in Parliament as head of the Earls at court.
1453 (24th March)
Jasper and Edmund were given the wardship of Margaret Beaufort, daughter of John Beaufort.
1453 (after March)
Margaret Beaufort’s childhood marriage to John de la Pole was annulled.
1453 (late Summer)
Henry VI suffered a bout of mental instability and was unable to rule. Rule of the country was taken by the Duke of Somerset.
1454 (27th March)
Jasper and Edmund backed Richard of York’s request to become Protector of England.
1454 (December)
Henry VI recovered his mental faculty and re-appointed the Duke of Somerset.
1455 (Spring)
Richard of York began raising troops against Henry VI. Jasper and Edmund had to decide which side to support.
1455 (22nd May)
First Battle of St Albans
Jasper fought in this battle for Henry VI. He survived the battle which saw Henry VI captured by Richard of York.
1455 (Autumn)
Jasper and Edmund declared their support for King Henry VI.
1455 (1st November)
Jasper’s elder brother Edmund married 12 year old Margaret Beaufort.
1456 (3rd November)
Jasper’s brother, Edmund died from bubonic plague. Jasper took care of Edmund’s pregnant widow, Margaret Beaufort.
1457 (28th January)
A son, Henry Tudor, was born to Margaret Beaufort at Pembroke Castle.
1457 (April)
Jasper was created constable of the castles of Aberystwyth, Carmarthen and Carreg Cennen. He also set up fortifications to Tenby.
1459 (during)
Jasper was ordered to take Denbigh Castle in order to block the Yorkist line of communication between Wales and England.
1459 (during)
Jasper’s annual pension was increased to £100.
1459 (April)
Jasper was created a Knight of the Garter.
1460 (July)
Jasper was left isolated at Denbigh Castle after the Lancastrians were defeated at Northampton.
1460 (30th December)
Richard of York was killed at the Battle of Wakefield.
1461 (early)
Jasper began raising forces in Wales to support Henry VI.
1461 (2nd February)
Battle of Mortimer Cross
Jasper and his father, Owen Tudor, led the Welsh force on the Lancastrian side against Edward Duke of York. The Lancastrians lost the battle.
1461 (2nd February)
Jasper’s father, Owen Tudor, was executed as a traitor after the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross.
1461 (4th March)
Edward, Duke of York, son of Richard Duke of York, took the throne as King Edward IV.
1461 (29th March)
Battle of Towton
This battle saw the Lancastrian forces defeated with heavy casualties by Edward Duke of York.
1461 (28th June)
Edward, Duke of York, was crowned King Edward IV.
1461 (after 28th June)
Jasper left England and went to Ireland and then to Scotland. As half-brother to Henry VI, Edward IV was keen to capture him.
1461 (late)
Jasper was declared a traitor and his Welsh possessions were confiscated.
1462 (March)
Jasper went to Brittany where he allied himself with Henry VI’s queen, Margaret of Anjou. Together they petitioned Louis XI of France for financial and military support.
1462 (after March)
Jasper and an invasionary force invaded England and captured Bamburgh Castle but were unable to progress south.
1462 (December)
Jasper surrendered and was given safe passage to Scotland.
1463 (during)
Jasper travelled between Scotland, Brittany and France trying to secure support for Henry VI’s son Edward.
1464 (during)
Jasper was resident in the court of Louis XI of France.
1468 (during)
Jasper returned to Wales and attempted to relieve Harlech Castle but was defeated by William Herbert.
1468 (during)
Edward IV gave Jasper’s title, Earl of Pembroke and Pembroke Castle to William Herbert. Herbert was also given custody of Jasper’s nephew, Henry Tudor.
1470 (Autumn)
Jasper was part of a Lancastrian invasion force that included Henry VI’s son Edward, Edward IV’s brother, George Duke of Clarence and Richard Earl of Warwick. The invasion led to Edward IV fleeing to Burgundy.
1470 (30th October)
Henry VI was restored to the throne and Jasper regained the title Earl of Pembroke and Pembroke Castle.
1470 (after 30th October)
Jasper took Henry Tudor to court and presented him to the King.
1470 (November)
Jasper and Henry Tudor returned to Wales to restore order and re-take Pembroke Castle.
1471 (14th March)
Edward IV returned to England at the head of an army.
1471 (22nd May)
Edward IV regained the throne and Henry VI was murdered. Henry VI’s son, Edward had died at the Battle of Tewkesbury which meant that Jasper’s nephew, Henry Tudor was the sole Lancastrian claimant to the throne.
1471 (after 22nd May)
Edward IV sent Roger Vaughan to Wales to capture Jasper and Henry Tudor. However, Jasper captured Vaughan and executed him in revenge for his own father’s execution.
1471 (June)
Jasper fled to Brittany taking his nephew, Henry Tudor, with him.
1471 (after June)
Edward IV contacted Duke Francis II of Brittany requesting the extradition of Jasper and Henry back to England.
1474 (during)
In a bid to avoid detection by Edward IV’s spies, Jasper and Henry Tudor decided to separate. Jasper took up residence in the Chateau de Josselin.
1476 (during)
Both Jasper and Henry Tudor were imprisoned in Vannes.
1483 (9th April)
King Edward IV died. He was succeeded by his son, Edward V. Richard Duke of Gloucester was appointed regent for the young King.
1483 (26th June)
Having declared the children of Edward IV illegitimate, Richard Duke of Gloucester took the throne as King Richard III.
1483 (October)
Jasper and Henry Tudor attempted to invade England in support of the Duke of Buckingham’s rebellion against Richard III but their ships were blown off course and without support the rebellion crumbled.
1484 (September)
Jasper and Henry Tudor fled to France to avoid capture by representatives of Richard III. In France they planned an invasion of England.
1485 (7th August)
Jasper was by Henry Tudor’s side when he landed at Milford Haven at the head of an army.
1485 (22nd August)
Battle of Bosworth Field
The forces of Henry Tudor defeated those of Richard III and Henry Tudor was proclaimed King on the battlefield. It is not known whether or not Jasper was present at the battle.
1485 (Autumn)
Jasper was restored to the Earldom of Pembroke and regained Pembroke Castle. He was also created Duke of Bedford.
1485 (30th October)
Henry VII was crowned King of England. Jasper was given the honour of carrying the crown.
1485 (November)
Jasper married Catherine Woodville, sister of Elizabeth Woodville, widow of the Duke of Buckingham who had been executed by Richard III.
1486 (during)
Jasper was given the role of military commander in suppressing revolts by Lovell and Stafford.
1486 (during)
Jasper was created Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
1487 (16th June)
Battle of Stoke
Jasper took part in this battle that saw the forces of the pretender Lambert Simnel defeated.
1488 (during)
Jasper took control of Cardiff Castle.
1492 (during)
Jasper was created Earl Marshall and took part in fighting against the French.
1495 (21st December)
Jasper died at Thornbury.


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