English History Timeline 920-929

King Edward the Elder King Aethelstan

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English History for the years 920 – 929

The kings of Wessex/England for this period:
Edward the Elder until 924
Aethelstan from 924


920 (during)
The Norse Vikings attacked Cheshire.
920 (during)
King Edward the Elder took Manchester.
921 (during)
A son Edmund was born to King Edward and Eadgifu, Edward’s third wife.
923 (during)
The Scottish King Constantine II submitted to Edward.
923 (during)
A son Eadred was born to King Edward and Eadgifu.
923 (August)
Plegmund, Archbishop of Canterbury, died
923 (after August)
Athelm was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.
924 (17th July)
King Edward the Elder died leading the army against a Welsh-Mercian rebellion.
924 (17th July)
Although the monarch often suggested their successor, it was the Witan that decided who would succeed to the throne. Around half the Witan wanted Aethelstan’s half-brother, Aelfweard to succeed as King, while the other half wanted Aethelstan. It was decided that Aelfweard would rule Wessex while Aethelstan would rule Mercia.
924 (2nd August)
Aelfweard of Wessex died and Aethelstan became King of Mercia and Wessex.
925 (4th September)
Aethelstan was crowned at Kingston upon Thames. The ceremony was performed by Athelm, Archbishop of Canterbury.
926 (8th January)
Athelm, Archbishop of Canterbury, died
926 (after January)
Wulfhelm was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury
927 (during)
Sigtryggr (Sihtric) of Northumbria, Aethelstan’s brother-in-law died. He was succeeded by a son from a previous marriage who refused to continue the alliance with Aethelstan. Aethelstan invaded Northumbria and captured York.
927 (12th July)
Treaty of Eamont
King Constantine of Scotland, King Owain of Strathclyde and Ealdred of Bamburgh agreed to accept Aethelstan as ruler of Northumbria. This secured peace and meant that Aethelstan had succeeded in re-taking control of the kingdoms of England. He became the first King of England.


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