English History Timeline 910-919

King Edward the Elder

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English History for the years 910 – 919

The king of Wessex for this period was Edward the Elder


910 (5th August)
Battle of Tettenhall (Wednesfield)
The combined forces of Mercia and Wessex defeated the Northumbrian Vikings
911 (during)
Aethelred, Ealdorman of Mercia, died. His wife, Aethelflaed, sister of Edward the Elder, ruled Mercia as Lady of the Mercians.
911 (during)
Many Vikings left England to settle in Nuestria (western France). The Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, signed by the Viking Rollo and Charles the Simple, King of France allowed Vikings to settle in Nuestria in return for defending Charles from his enemies.
911 (during)
Edward constructed a burh (fortification) at Hertford to prevent any Danes moving south from Bedford and Cambridge.
912 (during)
Edward the Elder stationed his army at Maldon and constructed a new burh at Witham to prevent the Danes moving west from Colchester. A second burh was constructed at Hertford making London relatively secure from attack.
912 (during)
Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians constructed a burh at Bridgforth to prevent the Danes crossing the River Severn.
913 (during)
Edward succeeded in re-taking East Anglia from the Danes.
913 (during)
Eadulf of Bamburgh  died. He was succeeded by his son Ealdred. Bamburgh was important because it was an independent Anglo-Saxon stronghold in Northumbria. Ealdred and Edward were on good terms.
914 (during)
The town of Warwick was founded.
914 (Summer)
A Viking force from Brittany that tried to advance up the River Severn was defeated. Edward stationed a force on the south bank of the River Severn to deal with any further attempted attacks.
914 (during)
Ealdred of Bamburgh was driven out of Bamburgh by the Viking Ragnall. This date is disputed and may have occurred as late as 918. Ealdred sought refuge with the Scottish King Constantine II.
914 (November)
Edward built two forts at Buckingham. He received the submission of many of the Danes of Bedford, Buckingham and Northampton.
915 (during)
First battle of Corbridge
This battle between the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings saw the Saxons victorious.
915 (during)
The body of St Edmund, who had been murdered in 870 in East Anglia, was brought to a new location which was called Bury St Edmunds
916 (during)
Edward built a new fort at Maldon to stop the Danes in Colchester from moving south.
916 (during)
The Danish Earl Thurcetel and his men decided to leave England and settle in France with the Viking Rollo.
916 (during)
Edward’s daughter, Eadgifu, married Charles the Simple, King of the Franks. This date is disputed and may have been 918.
917 (April)
Edward built a new fort at Towcester to stop the Northampton Danes from moving south.
917 (Summer)
A force of Vikings from Northampton and Leicester attempted to take the fort at Towcester but were unsuccessful.
917 (Summer)
A force of East Anglian Danes built a new fort at Tempsford and used it as a base from which to attack Bedford. They were not able to take Bedford and had to retreat.
917 (late Summer)
An Anglo-Saxon force defeated the Danes at Tempsford. The sole surviving Danish King of East Anglia was killed in the Battle.
917 (Autumn)
Edward defeated the Danes at Colchester and took the city. The Danes pursued Edward and lay siege to the fort at Maldon but they were unsuccessful and many died.
917 (late)
Edward received the submission of all the Danes south of the River Humber. This gave the Anglo-Saxons complete control of Mercia.
918 (during)
Battle of Corbridge
This was a battle between Viking forces led by Ragnall and Constantine II of Scotland supported by Ealdred of Bamburgh. Although the battle was indecisive the Vikings suffered huge losses and only a quarter of their force survived.
918 (12th June)
Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians died at Tamworth in Staffordshire
918 (Late June)
Aethelflaed’s daughter Aelfwynn was recognised as Lady of the Mercians by the people.
918 (December)
King Edward the Elder was concerned that Mercia would try to become independent and so removed his niece Aelfwynn and took control of Mercia himself.
918 (during)
Edward constructed a new burh at Nottingham.
919 (during)
Edward constructed a new burh at Thelwell.
919 (during)
Ragnall took York and proclaimed himself King of York.
919 (during)
Edward married Eadgifu daughter of the ealdorman of Kent


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