English History Timeline 900-909

King Edward the Elder

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English History for the years 900 – 909

The king of Wessex for this period was Edward the Elder


900 (8th June)
Edward the Elder, son of Alfred the Great, was crowned King of the Angles and Saxons.
900 (during)
Edward’s cousin, Aethelwold, son of King Aethelred, rose up against Edward claiming that he should be King. He received support in the North and was made King of York. The Vikings in the north agreed to support him.
901 (around)
A son, Edwin, was born to King Edward and his wife Aelfflaed. This date is estimated based on charter signings and the fact that Edwin is named as a second witness after his half-brother Aethelstan.
901 (Autumn)
Aethelwold and the northern Vikings sailed to East Anglia where they allied themselves to the East Anglian Vikings and prepared to invade Wessex.
902 (during)
Edward’s sister, Aethelflaed, gave permission to a group of Norsemen led by Ingimund, permission to settle in the Wirral. They had been driven out of Dublin.
902 (13th December)
Battle of the Holme
This battle was fought between King Edward and Aethelwold and the Vikings. The exact location is unknown but is thought to be in East Anglia. Although Edward was defeated, during the battle Aethelwold and Eohric, Viking King of East Anglia were killed leaving Edward’s place as King secure.
906 (during)
Edward made peace with the East Anglian and Northumbrian Danes. It is likely that Edward made some kind of payment in exchange for this peace.
907 (during)
Aethelflaed and her husband Aethelred of Mercia fortified the town of Chester. This gave them control of the lower Dee and also a fortified, protected burh to use as base from which to harry the Northumbrian Danes.
909 (during)
King Edward’s forces made a number of successful raids into Northumbria.


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