King Aethelstan of England Timeline 895-939

King Aethelstan

Born – 895
Died – 27th October 939
FatherEdward the Elder
Spouse – Unmarried
Children – No children
King of England – 924 – 939
PredecessorEdward the Elder – 899 – 924
SuccessorEdmund I – 939 – 946


895 (during)
King Aethelstan of England, was born to Edward, son of Alfred the Great, and Ecgwynn. Historians are divided on the subject of whether or not Aethelstan was illegitimate.
899 (around)
Aethelstan’s mother, Eccgwynn, disappeared from all records. She may have died or been put aside. Aethelstan was placed into the care of his father’s sister Aethelflaed of Mercia.
899 (during)
Aethelstan’s father, Edward married Aelfflaed, daughter of the ealdorman of Wiltshire.
899 (26th October)
King Alfred died. Aethelstan’s father Edward, known as Edward The Elder, became King of the Angles and Saxons.
900 (8th June)
Edward was crowned King of the Angles and Saxons at Kingston-upon-Thames.
902 (during)
A daughter, Eadgifu, Aethelstan’s half-sister, was born to Edward and his wife Aelfflaed.
904 (during)
A son Aelfweard, Aethelstan’s half-brother, was born to Edward and his wife Aelfflaed.
906 (around)
A son, Edwin, Aethelstan’s half-brother, was born to Edward and Aelfflaed. This date is estimated using the knowledge that Edwin was younger than Aelfweard.
910 (during)
A daughter Eadgyth, Aethelstan’s half-sister, was born to Edward and Aelfflaed.
911 (during)
A daughter, Eadgifu, Aethelstan’s half-sister, was born to Edward and his wife Aelfflaed.
916 (during)
Aethelstan’s half-sister, Eadgifu, married Charles the Simple, King of the Franks. This date is disputed and may have been 918.
918 (12th June)
Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, died at Tamworth in Staffordshire. She was buried beside her husband at Gloucester.
918 (Late June)
Aethelflaed’s daughter Aelfwynn was recognised as Lady of the Mercians.
918 (December)
Edward the Elder was concerned that Mercia may seek independence and so removed Aelfwynn and took control of Mercia himself.
919 (during)
Aethelstan’s stepmother, Aelfflaed, died.
919 (during)
Aethelstan’s father, Edward, married Eadgifu daughter of the ealdorman of Kent.
921 (during)
Aethelstan’s half-brother, Edmund, was born to Edward and Eadgifu
924 (17th July)
King Edward the Elder, Aethelstan’s father, died leading the army against a Welsh-Mercian rebellion.
924 (17th July)
Although the monarch often suggested their successor, it was the Witan that decided who would succeed to the throne. Around half the Witan wanted Aethelstan’s half-brother, Aelfweard to succeed as King, while the other half wanted Aethelstan. It was decided that Aelfweard would rule Wessex while Aethelstan would rule Mercia.
924 (2nd August)
Aelfweard of Wessex died and Aethelstan became King of Mercia and Wessex.
924 (17th July)
Aethelstan succeeded as King either immediately on his father’s death or after the death of his half-brother Aelfweard who died on 2nd August 924.
925 (4th September)
Aethelstan was crowned at Kingston upon Thames by Athelm, Archbishop of Canterbury.
926 (30th January)
Aethelstan married one of his sisters to Sigtryggr, the Viking ruler of Northumbria as part of an alliance between the two.
927 (during)
Sigtryggr of Northumbria died and was succeeded by a son from a previous marriage who did not support an alliance with Aethelstan. Aethelstan therefore invaded Northumbria and captured York.
927 (12th July)
Treaty of Eamont
King Constantine of Scotland, King Owain of Strathclyde and Ealdred of Bamburgh agreed to accept Aethelstan as ruler of Northumbria securing peace in the North.
931 (during)
Aethelstan met with the Welsh rulers at Hereford where they paid homage to him as their ruler.
933 (during)
Aethelstan’s half-brother Edwin drowned. Aethelstan may have been complicit in his death since Edwin had opposed him becoming King.
934 (May)
Aethelstan marched north to invade Scotland. His motivation is unclear but it may have been because Constantine of Scotland broke the peace treaty of 927.
937 (October)
Battle of Brunanburh
This battle, fought between Athelstan and the combined forces of Constantine of Scotland, Owain of Strathclyde and Olaf Guthfrithson, King of Dublin lasted all day. After a hard fight Aethelstan won the battle.
939 (27th October)
King Aethelstan died at Gloucester. He was succeeded by his half-brother Edmund.


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