Sigtryggr d. Timeline 927

Sigtryggr, likeness unknown

Grandfather – Ivar the Boneless (794-873)
Father – Unknown
Mother – Unknown
Spouse – Edith
Children – Amlaib, Harald, Auisle, Gofraid, Sichfrith


895 (possibly)
Sigtryggr (Sitric Caech, Sihtric) was likely born in Dublin. He is recorded as having ‘died at an immature age’ and a birth date of 895 would have made him aged 32 years at his death. He is recorded as being the grandson of the Viking leader Imar but his parent’s names are not known. It is generally believed that Imar is the same person as Ivar the Boneless. Ivar is known to have gone to Ireland and disappeared from the records around this date.
902 (during)
Two Irish chieftans, Finnia mac Flannacan and Cerball mac Muirecain, drove the Vikings out of Dublin. It is unclear whether all Vikings were forced to leave or just the families of the leaders. It is believed that Sigtryggr was one of those forced to leave. It is believed that Sigtryggr’s brother or cousin, Ragnall, went to the Isle of Man and/or Scotland and it is possible that the rest of the family did the same.
917 (during)
Sigtryggr and Ragnall, who was his brother or cousin, sailed to Ireland in two separate fleets. Sigtryggr landed in Leinster while Ragnall docked at Waterford.
917 (22nd August)
Battle of Mag Femen
Ragnall led his Vikings to victory against Niall Glundub at Mag Femen, Tipperary. The Irish that survived made camp close to Ragnall’s forces and called for support from Leinster.
917 (late August/ early September)
Battle of Cenn Fuait (Confey)
Sigtryggr intercepted the Irish, led by Augaire mac Ailella of Leinster, marching to support Niall Glundub. Augaire was killed in the battle leaving the way clear for Sigtryggr to take the throne of Dublin.
917 (September)
The defeat of Augaire mac Ailella of Leinster, meant Niall Glundub was unable to go into battle against Ragnall.
918 (during)
Battle of Corbridge
Ragnall returned to England. He fought this battle against King Constantine of Scotland and Ealdred of Bamburgh. Although the result of the battle was inconclusive, Ragnall gained more land in Northumbria.
919 (during)
Ragnall took control of Jorvik (York) and proclaimed himself king. However, Ealdred of Bamburgh refused to pay homage to him and rather submitted to King Edward the Elder.
919 (14th September)
Battle of Islandbridge
Sigtryggr led the Vikings to victory in this battle against Niall Glundub. Glundub and five other Irish kings were killed leaving Sigtryggr secure in Ireland.
920 (during)
Sigtryggr left Ireland and travelled to Northumbria. His brother or cousin, Gofraid, took his place as King of Dublin.
920 (during)
Sigtryggr led a Viking raid on Davenport in Cheshire.
921 (during)
Ragnall, ruler of Northumbria, died. He was succeeded by Sigtryggr.
921 (after)
It is believed that Sigtryggr refused to submit to King Edward the Elder, rather he began to take land south of the River Humber that had previously been taken by Edward.
924 (17th July)
King Edward the Elder died while leading the English army against a Welsh-Mercian rebellion.
924 (17th July)
Aethelstan succeeded as King either immediately on his father’s death or after the death of his half-brother Aelfweard who died on 2nd August 924.
926 (early)
An agreement was reached byetween Sigtryggr and the new king, Aethelstan. The treaty was to be sealed with his baptism and marriage to Aethelstan’s sister, Edith.
926 (30th January)
Sigtryggr married Edith, the sister of King Aethelstan at Tamworth, Staffordshire.
926 (during)
Although he had been baptised as part of his alliance with Aethelstan, Sigtryggr renounced Christianity and reverted to Paganism.
927 (during)
Sigtryggr died. He was succeeded by a son from an earlier marriage who did not support the alliance with Aethelstan.
927 (12th July)
After invading and taking York, Aethelstan was acknowledged as ruler of all England.


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