Aelfweard of Wessex Timeline 904-924

Aelfweard of Wessex Likeness Unknown

Born – 904
Died – 2nd August 924
FatherEdward the Elder
MotherAelfflaed of Wiltshire
Spouse – Unmarried
Children – No children


904 (during)
Aelfweard of Wessex, was born to Edward, son of Alfred the Great, and Aelfflaed, daughter of Earldorman of Wiltshire. Aelfweard was the couple’s second child, his sister, Eadgifu had been born in 902. Aelfweard also had a half-brother, Aethelstan, who was raised by his aunt Aethelflaed of Mercia.
906 (around)
Aelfweard’s brother Edwin was born to Edward and Aelfflaed. This date is estimated using the knowledge that Edwin was younger than Aelfweard.
910 (during)
Aelfweard’s sister, Eadgyth was born to Edward and Aelfflaed.
911 (during)
Aelfweard’s sister Eadgifu was born to Edward and his wife Aelfflaed.
916 (during)
Aelfweard’s sister, Eadgifu, married Charles the Simple, King of the Franks. This date is disputed and may have been 918.
918 (12th June)
King Edward the Elder’s sister, Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, died at Tamworth in Staffordshire.
918 (Late June)
Aethelflaed’s daughter Aelfwynn was recognised as Lady of the Mercians.
918 (December)
King Edward the Elder was concerned that Mercia may seek independence and so removed Aelfwynn and took control of Mercia himself.
919 (during)
Aelfweard’s mother, Aelfflaed, died.
919 (during)
King Edward the Elder, married Eadgifu daughter of the ealdorman of Kent.
921 (during)
Aelfweard’s half-brother Edmund, was born to Edward and Eadgifu
924 (17th July)
King Edward the Elder, Aethelstan’s father, died leading the army against a Welsh-Mercian rebellion.
924 (17th July)
Although the monarch often suggested their successor, it was the Witan that decided who would succeed to the throne. Around half the Witan wanted Aethelstan’s half-brother, Aelfweard to succeed as King, while the other half wanted Aethelstan. It was decided that Aelfweard would rule Wessex while Aethelstan would rule Mercia.
924 (2nd August)
Aelfweard of Wessex died and Aethelstan became King of Mercia and Wessex.


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