Ecgwynn of Wessex Timeline c877-c899

Likeness UnknownFather – Unknown
Mother – Unknown
Spouse – Edward the Elder (874 – 924)
Children – Aethelstan, un-named daughter


877 (around)
Ecgwynn of Wessex is believed to have been born around this date. Her date of birth has been estimated based on the fact that she had a relationship with Edward in 893. There are no records as to her parents’ identities.
893 (during)
Ecgywnn married (or had a liaison with) Edward, eldest son of King Alfred the Great. Historians are divided on whether Edward and Ecgwynn were lawfully married. In 893 Edward would have been 19 years old and of marriageable age. King Alfred wanted Edward to succeed to the throne even though his nephew, Aethelwold, had a stronger claim. If Edward were married and had a son to follow him the succession would be secure and the Witan would be more likely to allow the throne to pass directly to Edward. An illegitimate son would be of no importance.
895 (during)
A son, Aethelstan, was born to Ecgwynn and Edward. He would go on to become King Aethelstan after the death of Edward in 924. The fact that he became King suggests that his parents were married at the time of his birth since illegitimate children were excluded from the succession.
895 (after)
A daughter was born to Ecgwynn and Edward. She may have been named Edith.
899 (before)
Ecgwynn was possibly set aside or, more likely, died, possibly in childbirth.


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