Lorenzo II de Medici, Duke of Urbino Timeline 1492-1519

Lorenzo II de Medici

Born – 12th September 1492
Died – 4th May 1519
Father – Piero the Unfortunate (1472 – 1503)
Mother – Alfonsina Orsini (1472 – 1520)
Spouse – Madeleine de La Tour d’Auvergne
Children – by Madeleine – Catherine de Medici (1519 – 1589), illegitimate – Alessandro, Duke of Florence (1510 – 1537)
Lord of Florence – 1516 – 1519
Preceded by – Giuliano de Medici 1479 – 1516
Succeeded by – Giulio de Medici 1519 – 1523

1492 (12th September)
Lorenzo II de Medici, was born to Piero the Unfortunate and his wife Alfonsina Orsini in Florence. He was the grandson of Lorenzo the Magnificent.
1493 (during)
Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, opposed measures by the Pope to create a new state in Italy that would impose on Milanese land. He asked King Charles VIII of France for aid.
1494 (25th January)
King Ferdinand I of Naples died and was succeeded by Alfonso II. Alfonso claimed rights to Milan and asked Charles VIII to take Milan. Charles was not happy with Alfonso’s request seeing him as the aggressor.
1494 (September)
King Charles VIII of France invaded Italy and made his way south to Naples where he determined to oust Alfonso.
1494 (October)
Charles VIII requested the support of Florence but Piero stated that Florence would remain neutral in the conflict. Charles was not happy with Piero’s reply and invaded Tuscany. Piero tried to organise resistance to Charles, but found little support. The priest Savanarola preached that the French invasion was God’s tool to rid Florence of corruption.
1494 (late October)
Having found little support for resistance to the French army, Piero decided to try to make peace with the French King. Without consulting the Signoria (government), he met with Charles VIII and agreed to all his demands.
1494 (8th November)
Piero returned to Florence, but when it was learned that he had made a deal with Charles, the people were furious and called him a traitor. Piero and his family were forced to leave the city. The priest Girolamo Savonarola became ruler of Florence.
1494 (November)
The Medici family reached Venice. They sold family jewels in order to survive.
1498 (23rd May)
Girolamo Savonarola died. Piero hoped to be able to return to Florence but Piero Soderini was appointed the next ruler of Florence.
1500 (during)
Lorenzo’s father had tried repeatedly to return to Florence but the people would not allow it. Piero allied himself with Charles VIII of France hoping that he would help him to regain his position as Lord of Florence.
1503 (28th December)
Battle of Garigliano
Piero fought for the French in this battle for Naples against a Spanish army. The Spanish were victorious and the French fled the field.
1503 (28th December)
Lorenzo’s father, Piero de Medici was drowned in the river Garigliano as he attempted to flee the Battle of Garigliano.
1510 (22nd July)
A son, Alessandro, was born illegitimately to Lorenzo and Simonetta da Collevecchio, a servant in the Medici household.
1512 (during)
The Medici family returned to Florence after the French had been driven out of Italy. Lorenzo’s uncle, Giuliano became ruler of Florence.
1513 (9th March)
Lorenzo’s uncle, Giovanni de Medici, became Pope Leo X. Giovanni’s younger brother, Giuliano became head of the Medici family.
1513 (August)
Lorenzo succeeded as Lord of Florence after his uncle Giuliano de Medici handed over rule.
1516 (during)
Lorenzo was created Duke of Urbino by his uncle, Pope Leo X who expelled the current Duke, Francesco Maria della Rovere from the post.
1516 (17th March)
Lorenzo’s uncle Giuliano, died.
1517 (early)
War of Urbino
Francesco Maria della Rovere, the ousted Duke of Urbino began a war against Lorenzo to try to recover the duchy.
1517 (23rd January)
War of Urbino
Francesco Maria della Rovere took control of the city of Urbino.
1517 (late January)
War of Urbino
Pope Leo X provided Lorenzo with an army to retake Urbino.
1517 (4th April)
War of Urbino
Lorenzo II de Medici was wounded by a bullet fired from an arquebus. Cardinal Bibbiena took over control of the army.
1517 (4th April)
War of Urbino
Francesco Maria della Rovere was forced to end the war as he had run out of money to pay his men. Lorenzo kept the Duchy of Urbino and Francesco retired to Mantua.
1518 (13th June)
Lorenzo married Madeleine de la Tour, daughter of the Count of Auvergne.
1519 (13th April)
A daughter, Catherine, was born to Lorenzo de Medici and Madeleine de la Tour.
1519 (4th May)
Lorenzo de Medici, Duke of Urbino, died of syphilis.


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