Piero de Medici (the Unfortunate) Timeline 1472-1503

Piero de Medici the Unfortunate

Born – 15th February 1472
Died – 28th December 1503
Nickname – Piero the Unfortunate
FatherLorenzo de Medici (1449 – 1492)
MotherClarice Orsini (1450 – 1488)
Spouse – Alfonsina Orsini (1472 – 1520)
ChildrenLorenzo (1492 – 1519), Clarice (1493 – 1528)
Lord of Florence – 1492 – 1494
Preceded byLorenzo de Medici 1469 – 1492
Succeeded by – Girolamo Savonarola 1494 – 1498


1472 (15th February)
Piero de Medici was born to Lorenzo de Medici and Clarice Orsini in Florence. He was the couple’s second surviving child, his sister Lucrezia had been born in 1470. Later in life he would earn the nickname Piero the Unfortunate. Piero’s father was head of the Medici Bank and Lord of Florence.
1473 (during)
The rival Pazzi bank gained control of the Papal accounts. The loss of revenue was a blow to the Medici family.
1473 (during)
Piero’s sister, Maddalena de Medici was born to Lorenzo and Clarice Orsini in Florence.
1474 (23rd September)
Piero’s sister, Contessina Beatrice de Medici was born to Lorenzo and Clarice Orsini in Florence. She died shortly after birth.
1475 (11th December)
Piero’s brother, Giovanni di Lorenzo de Medici was born to Lorenzo and Clarice Orsini in Florence.
1477 (around)
Piero began his education. He was educated by private tutors including Angelo Poliziano and Marsilio Ficini.
1477 (25th December)
Piero’s sister, Luisa de Medici was born to Lorenzo and Clarice Orsini in Florence.
1478 (26th April)
Pazzi Conspiracy
During the Easter service in Florence Cathedral, Piero’s father Lorenzo and his brother Giuliano were attacked by Members of the Pazzi family. Lorenzo was injured but managed to get to the safety of the sacristy. Giuliano died after being struck on the head by Bernardo Bandini dei Baroncelli and stabbed 19 times by Francesco de Pazzi.
1478 (26th April)
Francesco de Pazzi and Archbishop Francesco Salviati were hanged. Jacopo de Medici escaped.
1478 (30th April)
Jacopo de Medici was captured and hanged.
1478 (after April)
Piero, his mother and siblings left Florence and went to Pistoia.
1478 (after April)
Piero’s sister, Contessina Antonia Romola de Medici was born to Lorenzo and Clarice Orsini in Pistoia.
1478 (May)
Pope Sixtus IV excommunicated Lorenzo de Medici and placed Florence under interdict for executing an Archbishop. He also persuaded Ferdinand I of Naples to attack Florence on behalf of the Pope. However, Lorenzo managed to persuade Ferdinand to help him make peace with the Pope.
1478 (26th May)
Piero’s cousin, Giulio di Giuliano de Medici was born illegitimately to Fioretta Gorini and posthumously to Lorenzo’s brother Giuliano.
1479 (12th March)
Piero’s brother, Giuliano di Lorenzo de Medici was born to Lorenzo and Clarice Orsini in Florence.
1482 (25th March)
Piero’s grandmother, Lucrezia Tornabuoni, died.
1485 (during)
Lorenzo took charge of his nephew Giulio and raised him as his son.
1486 (during)
Piero de Medici married Alfonsina Orsini, daughter of Roberto Orsini, Count oof Tagliacozzo, by proxy.
1488 (during)
Piero’s sister, Luisa de Medici died.
1488 (January)
Piero’s sister, Maddalena de Medici, married Franceschetto Cybo, son of Pope Innocent VIII.
1488 (February)
Piero’s sister, Lucrezia de Medici married Jacopo Salviati.
1488 (February)
Piero married Alfonsina Orsini in Rome.
1488 (May)
Piero and his new bride, Alfonsina Orsini, returned to Florence following their wedding in Rome.
1488 (Summer)
Piero’s father, Lorenzo, was taken ill and travelled to Bad Filetta near Siena to try to improve his health.
1488 (30th July)
Piero’s mother, Clarice, died in Florence.
1489 (9th March)
Piero’s brother Giovanni became a Cardinal.
1490 (Summer)
The priest Savonarola arrived in Florence. His sermons with their message of repentence and denunciation of the rich and powerful, soon drew large crowds.
1492 (9th April)
Piero’s father, Lorenzo, died at his villa in Caraggi. He was buried in San Lorenzo Church, Florence. He was buried with his brother in the Church of San Lorenzo. Piero became head of the Medici family and Lord of Florence.
1492 (12th September)
A son, Lorenzo di Piero de Medici, was born to Piero and Alfonsina in Florence.
1493 (during)
A daughter, Clarice was born to Piero and Alfonsina in Florence.
1493 (during)
Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, opposed measures by the Pope to create a new state in Italy that would impose on Milanese land. He asked King Charles VIII of France for aid.
1494 (25th January)
King Ferdinand I of Naples died and was succeeded by Alfonso II. Alfonso claimed rights to Milan and asked Charles VIII to take Milan. Charles was not happy with Alfonso’s request seeing him as the aggressor.
1494 (September)
King Charles VIII of France invaded Italy and made his way south to Naples where he determined to oust Alfonso.
1494 (October)
Charles VIII requested the support of Florence but Piero stated that Florence would remain neutral in the conflict. Charles was not happy with Piero’s reply and invaded Tuscany. Piero tried to organise resistance to Charles, but found little support. The priest Savanarola preached that the French invasion was God’s tool to rid Florence of corruption.
1494 (late October)
Having found little support for resistance to the French army, Piero decided to try to make peace with the French King. Without consulting the Signoria (government), he met with Charles VIII and agreed to all his demands.
1494 (8th November)
Piero returned to Florence, but when it was learned that he had made a deal with Charles, the people were furious and called him a traitor. Piero and his family were forced to leave the city. The priest Girolamo Savonarola became ruler of Florence.
1494 (November)
The Medici family reached Venice. They sold family jewels in order to survive.
1498 (23rd May)
Girolamo Savonarola died. Piero hoped to be able to return to Florence but Piero Soderini was appointed ruler of Florence.
1500 (during)
Piero had tried repeatedly to return to Florence but the people would not allow it. Piero allied himself with Charles VIII of France hoping that he would help him to regain his position.
1503 (28th December)
Battle of Garigliano
Piero fought for the French in this battle for Naples against a Spanish army. The Spanish were victorious and the French fled the field.
1503 (28th December)
Piero de Medici was drowned in the river Garigliano as he attempted to flee the Battle of Garigliano.


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