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Laenor Velaryon TimelineFatherCorlys Velaryon
Mother – Rhaenys Targaryen
Sibling – Laena
SpouseRhaenyra Targaryen
Children – Jacaerys, Lucerys, Joffrey (fathered by Harwin Strong)
Dragon – Seasmoke

This Laenor Velaryon timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in the life of the fictitious character as shown in the TV series House of the Dragon

Please Note: In the TV adaptation, characters’ ages are different to those in the books. The ages given in this timeline are those known to have been decided by the show, or are approximations made using a combination of the ages in the book and the ages of the actors.

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Laenor Velaryon Timeline

Before Season 1 Age 0
Laenor was born the son of Corlys Velaryon and Rhaenys Targaryen. As the son of a Targaryen a dragon egg was placed in his cradle.
Before Season 1 Age 5
A daughter, Laena was born to Corlys Velaryon and Rhaenys Targaryen.
Before Season 1 Age 6
Baelon the Brave died. This caused a succession problem because he was heir to the throne. A meeting of the Great Council was held at Harrenhal to decide who should succeed. Laenor’s mother Rhaenys had a claim as the eldest child of Aemon, deceased son of King Jaehaerys and older brother of Baelon. However, the Council decided that Baelon’s son Viserys should succeed as King. Rhaenys became known as the Queen that never was.
Season 1 Prologue Age 8
King Jaehaerys I died. Viserys Targaryen became King Viserys I. Laenor’s father Corlys was appointed Master of Ships.
Season 1 Age 17
After Queen Aemma died, a match between Laenor’s sister, Laena and the King was suggested. When the King chose Alicent Hightower instead, Corlys Velaryon left Kings Landing for Driftmark.
Season 1 Age 17
Corlys Velaryon sent word to Prince Daemon, who had taken Dragonstone, suggesting an alliance to stop the pirate Craghas Drahar, head of the Triarchy, once and for all.
Season 1 Age 20
Laenor had joined his father and Prince Daemon fighting the Triarchy. The war had continued for three years and they were facing defeat. At a war council held to discuss their next strategy, Laenor suggested that Prince Daemon be used as bait to draw them into the open. Daemon reluctantly agreed to the plan.
Season 1 Age 20
Laenor’s plan succeeded. Daemon pretended to surrender and lured Drahar’s men out of the caves. Once in the open, Laenor, riding his dragon Seasmoke, destroyed huge numbers of pirates. Corlys and his brother Vaemond attacked and killed those that survived the dragon fire. Daemon followed Craghas Drahar into the caves and later emerged dragging his body.
Season 1 Age 20
King Viserys arrived on Driftmark to negotiate a marriage between Rhaenyra and Laenor Velaryon. It was clear that Viserys was unwell.
Season 1 Age 20
While their parents were negotiating marriage terms, Laenor and Rhaenyra walked on the beach. She admitted to him that she preferred older men and he told her he preferred men to women. They agreed to marry, produce heirs then love where they wished.
Season 1 Age 20
Later, Laenor was with Ser Joffrey Lonmouth, his lover, on the beach. Ser Joffrey told Laenor to appoint him his sworn shield so that they could remain close.
Season 1 Age 20
At the preliminary wedding feast, Laenor and Rhaenyra danced together. Laenor then spoke to Ser Joffrey who told him that it was clear that Ser Criston Cole was in love with Rhaenyra.
Season 1 Age 20
A fight broke out and Laenor was devastated when he saw that Ser Criston Cole had killed Joffrey Lonmouth.
Season 1 Age 20
The King’s health worsened after the fight and Laenor and Rhaenyra were married immediately. As soon as they had said their vows the King collapsed.
Season 1 Age 30
Laenor visited Rhaenyra to see his newborn son. He then accompanied Rhaenyra to take the baby to Alicent. When asked about the baby’s name, he named him Joffrey after his deceased lover.
Season 1 Age 30
Laenor told Rhaenyra that he wanted to return to sea and see action again. Rhaenyra commanded him to remain by her side.
Season 1 Age 30
Rhaenyra told Laenor that they and their children were leaving. She told him to bring his lover with him.
Season 1 Age 30
Laenor was very upset by the death of his sister. At the funeral he was withdrawn and openly grieving and was seen standing in the sea. His lover Qarl was sent to bring him back.
Season 1 Age 30
Laenor returned to his family and was shocked to hear of the fight between Jacaerys (Jace) and Lucerys (Luke). He told Rhaenyra that his lover Qarl would leave and that they would be a proper family.
Season 1 Age 30
Laenor was shocked to see Qarl in the hall. Qarl argued with Laenor and a fight broke out. A charred body found in the hall was taken to be that of Laenor. However, Laenor and Qarl left Driftmark in a rowing boat.
Season 1
To be continued


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