Kings and Queens of Denmark Timeline 936-Present Day

Margrethe IIThis timeline details all Kings and Queens of Denmark from 936 to present day


Gorm the Old 936 – 958
Son of Harthacnut I
Married Thyra
Son of Gorm the Old and Thyra
Married 1. Gunhilde 2. Tove 3. Gyrid
Harald Bluetooth was the first of the notorious Viking Kings of Denmark.
Son of Harald Bluetooth and Gyrid
Married Sigrid
Harald II (Svensen) 1014 – 1018
Son of Sweyn Forkbeard and Sigrid
Identity of wife not known
Son of Sweyn Forkbeard and Sigrid
Married 1 Aelfgifu of Northampton 2. Emma of Normandy
At one point was King of Denmark, Norway, England and Sweden
Harthacnut 1035 – 1042
Son of Canute the Great and Emma of Normandy
Magnus the Good 1042 – 1047
Illegitimate son of Olaf II and Alfhild
Magnus became King of Norway on the death of Canute and King of Denmark on the death of Canute’s son, Harthacnut.
Son of Jarl Ulf Torgilsson and Estrid Svensdatter
Married 1. Gyda of Sweden 2. Gunhildr Sweinsdottir 3. Tora Torbergsdatter
Sweyn was the first House of Estridsen Kings of Denmark.
Harald III 1076 – 1080
Illegitimate son of Sweyn II
Married Margareta Hasbjornsdatter
Canute IV 1080 – 1086
Illegitimate son of Sweyn II
Married Adela of Flanders
Murdered in 1086
Olaf I (Hunger) 1086 – 1095
Illegitimate son of Sweyn II
Married Ingegerd of Norway
Eric I (Evergood 1095 – 1103)
Illegitimate son of Sweyn II
Married a Boedil Thurgotsdatter.
Niels 1104 – 1134
Illegitimate son of Sweyn II
Married 1. Margaret, daughter of Ingel of Sweden 2. Ulfhild Hakansdotter Finson
Eric II (the Memorable) 1134 – 1137
Illegitimate son of Eric I
Married Malmride of Kiev
Eric III (Lamb) 1137 – 1146
Son of Hakon Sunnivasson and Ragnhild Eriksdatter
Married Luitgard of Salzwedel
Abdicated in 1146
Sweyn III (Grathe) 1146 – 1157
Illegitimate son of Eric II
Married Adelaide of Meissen
Killed in battle
Canute V 1146 – 1157
Son of Magnus I of Sweden and Richeza of Poland
Married Helena of Sweden.
Valdemar I (the Great) 1157 – 1182
Son of Canute Lavard and Ingeborg of Kiev
Married Sophia of Novgorod.
Canute VI 1182 – 1202
Son of Valdemar I and Sophia of Novgorod
Married Gertrude of Saxony.
Valdemar II (the Victorious) 1202 – 1241
Son of Valdemar I and Sophia of Minsk
Married 1. Margaret of Bohemia 2. Berengaria of Portugal
Eric IV (Ploughpenny) 1241 – 1250
Son of Valdemar II and Berengaria of Portugal
Married Jutta of Saxony
Was nicknamed Ploughpenny because he put a tax on ploughs. He was murdered by his brother, Abel.
Abel 1250 – 1252
Son of Valdemar II and Berengaria of Portugal
Married Matilda of Holstein
Christopher I 1252 – 1259
Son of Valdemar II and Berengaria of Portugal
Married Margaret of Kassuben
Eric V (Klipping) 1259 – 1286
Son of Christopher I and Margaret Sambiria
Married Agnes of Brandenburg
Eric was forced to agree a charter of liberties which included the establishment of a parliament.
Eric VI (Menved) 1286 – 1319
Son of Eric V and Agnes of Brandenburg
Married Ingeborg of Sweden
Christopher II 1320 – 1326 1329 – 1332
Son of Eric V and Agnes of Brandenburg
Married Euphemia of Pomerania
Was deposed in 1326 and restored in 1329
Valdemar III 1326 – 1329
Son of Eric II, Duke of Schleswig and Adelaide of Holstein-Rendsburg
Married Richardis of Schwerin
Took the throne from Christopher II from 1326 – 1329
1332 – 1340
There was no monarch at this time
Waldemar IV (Atterdag) 1340 – 1375
Son of Christopher II and Euphemia of Pomerania
Married Hedwig of Schleswig
Copenhagen became the capital of Denmark during his reign.
Olaf II 1375 – 1387
Son of Hakon VI of Norway and Margaret, daughter of Waldemar IV
Was the only King of House of Bjelbo. Did not marry
Became King at the age of 12 years. His mother acted as regent until he came of age.
Margaret 1387 – 1397
Daughter of Waldemar IV and Hedwig of Schleswig
Married Hakon VI, King of Norway and Sweden
Ruled Denmark after the death of her son Olaf II until she appointed Eric VII King in 1397
Eric VII 1397 – 1439
Son of Wartislav VII of Pomerania and Mary, granddaughter of Waldemar IV
Married Philippa, daughter of Henry IV of England
Abdicated the throne in 1439 in favour of his nephew.
Christopher III 1440 – 1448
Son of John of Neumarkt and Catherine of Pomerania, great-granddaughter of Waldemar IV.
Married Dorothea of Brandenburg
Died childless
Christian I 1448 – 1481
Son of Dietrich of Oldenburg and Hedwig of Holstein Schleswig
Married Dorothea of Brandenburg
Christian was the first of the House of Oldenburg Kings of Denmark. He was appointed King after Christopher III died without issue. He married Christopher’s widow, Dorothea of Brandenburg to consolidate his position. He founded the Order of the Elephant in 1462
John 1481 – 1513
Son of Christian I and Dorothea of Brandenburg
Married Christina of Saxony
Christian II 1513 – 1523
Son of King John and Christina of Saxony
Married Isabella of Spain
Frederick I 1523 – 1533
Son of Christian I and Dorothea of Brandenburg
Married 1. Anne of Brandenburg 2. Sophia of Pomerania
1533 – 1534
There was no monarch for this period
Christian III 1535 – 1559
Son of Frederick I and Anne of Brandenburg
Married Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg
Christian III was a Lutheran and completed the Reformation in Denmark
Frederick II 1559 – 1588
Son of Christian III and Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg
Married Sophia of Mecklenburg
His daughter, Anne, married James I of England, VI of Scotland.
Christian IV 1588 – 1648
Son of Frederick I and Sophia of Mecklenburgr
Married 1. Anne Catherine of Brandenburg 2. Christine Munk
Ruled for 60 years, the longest serving monarch in Denark
Frederick III 1648 – 1670
Son of Christian IV and Anne Catherine of Brandenburg
Married Sophia of Brunswick-Luneburg
Denmark became a Kingdom with a hereditory monarchy
Christian V 1670 – 1699
Son of Frederick III and Sophia of Brunswick-Luneburg
Married Charlotte of Hesse-Cassel
Built up trade with Iceland and the Faroes and established colonies in the West Indies and Africa.
Frederick IV 1699 – 1730
Son of Christian V and Charlotte of Hesse-Cassel
Married 1. Louise of Mecklenburg-Gustrow 2. Anne Sophia of Renventlow
Christian VI 1730 – 1746
Son of Frederick IV and Louise of Mecklenburg-Gustrow
Married Sophia Magdalen of Brandenburg-Kulmbach
Frederick V 1746 – 1766
Son of Christian VI and Sophia Magdalen of Brandenburg-Kulmbach
Married 1. Louise of Great Britain 2. Juliana of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel
Christian VII 1766 – 1808
Son of Frederick V and Louise of Great Britain
Married Caroline Matilda of Great Britain
His son took over as regent in 1784 after he developed a form of dementia.
Frederick VI 1808 – 1839
Son of Christian VII and Caroline Matilda of Great Britain
Married Mary of Hesse-Cassel
Acted as regent for his father from 1784. Denmark became the first nation to abolish the slave trade in 1792.
Christian VIII 1839 – 1848
Son of Prince Frederick, son of Frederick V and Sophia of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Married 1. Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Schwerin 2. Caroline of Holst-Sonderburg-Augustenburg
Frederick VII 1848 – 1863
Son of Christian VIII and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Married 1. Wilhelmine daughter of Frederick VI 2. Caroline of Mecklenburg-Streilitz 3. Louise Rasmussen
Introduced a new constitution and a single assembly for all parts of Denmark.
Christian IX 1863 – 1906
Son of Frederick Wilhelm of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg and Louise Caroline of Hesse-Cassel
Married Louise of Hesse-Cassel
Frederick VIII 1906 – 1912
Son of Christian IX and Louise of Hesse-Cassel
Married Louise of Sweden and Norway
Christian X 1912 – 1947
Son of Frederick VIII and Louise of Hesse-Cassel
Married Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Managed to keep Denmark neutral during the First World War. Christian X sold Denmark’s possessions in the West Indies to the United States. In 1940 Denmark was occupied by Nazi Germany.
Frederick IX 1947 – 1972
Son of Christian X and Alexandrine of Mecklengurg-Schwerin
Married Ingrid of Sweden
The laws of succession were changed to allow the succession of his eldest daughter, Margaret
Margrethe II 1972 –
Daughter of Frederick IX and Ingrid of Sweden
Married Henry de Laborde of Denmark


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