King Olaf II of Norway Timeline 995-1030

King Olaf II of NorwayBorn – c.995
Died – 29th July 1030
Father – Harald Grenske (d. c.995)
Mother – Asta Gudbrandsdatter (c. 980 – 1030)
Spouse – m. c1019 – Astrid Olofsdotter (b. c1000)
Children – by Astrid – Wulfhild (1020 – 1071), illegitimate by Alfhild – Magnus the Good (1024 – 1047)
King of Norway – 1015 – 1028
Predecessor – Sweyn Forkbeard 1000 – 1014
Successor – Canute the Great – 1028 – 1035


995 (around)
King Olaf II was born Olaf Haraldsson, the son of Harald Grenske and Asta Gudbrandsdatter at Ringerike, Norway. His father was a petty King in Vestfold, Norway who died soon after Olaf’s birth.
996 (around)
Olaf’s mother, Asta Gudbrandsdatter married Sigurd Syr, King of Ringeske, Norway. Before 1015 the couple had four children: Guttorm, Gunnhild, Halfdan and Ingerid. Very little is known of the lives of these children.
1007 (during)
Olaf was sent to sea with his mother’s steward as captain of a warship. He was to learn the skills of leadership and warmongering.
1007 (around)
Battle of Herdaler
Having spent time raiding the coast of Finland, Olaf fought this fierce battle and was lucky to escape to his ship alive.
1008 (during)
Olaf landed on the island of Saaremaa (part of Estonia), home to the Osilians. A battle was fought which Olaf won.
1011 (September)
Siege of Canterbury
It is believed that Olaf joined forces with Thorkell the Tall and helped lay siege to Canterbury.
1014 (3rd February)
Sweyn Forkbeard, King of Norway and England, died.
1014 (after 3rd February)
Sweyn Forkbeard had nominated his son Canute as his successor. However, apart from the people of Lindsey, the Anglo-Saxons would not accept his rule and called for Aethelred the Unready to return from exile. Some sources state that Olaf was in England and may have helped remove Canute and restore Aethelred.
1014 (late)
Olaf paid a visit to Duke Richard II of Normandy. While there he converted to Christianity and was baptised in Rouen.
1015 (during)
Olaf returned to Norway and with the support of the five petty kings, took the throne of Norway for himself as King Olaf II. He wanted to unite the Kingdoms of Norway as one kingdom.
1015 or 1016 (during)
A son, Harald Sigurdsson (later known as Harald Hardrada), was born to Sigurd Syr and Asta Gudbrandsdatter.
1016 (25th March)
Battle of Nesjar
This was a naval battle between the Norwegian forces of Olaf II and those Norwegian forces that were opposed to his rule led by Sweyn Haakonsson who was supported by Sweden.
1016 (after March)
Olaf Haraldsson agreed a peace with King Olof of Sweden. The peace was sealed with the betrothal of Olaf to Olof’s daughter Ingegerd Olofsdotter.
1019 (during)
Ingegerd Olofsdotter, Olaf’s betrothed, married Yaroslav Grand Prince of Kiev.
1019 (during)
Olaf married Astrid Olofsdotter, illegitimate daughter of King Olof of Sweden.
1020 (during)
A daughter, Wulfhild was born to King Olaf II and Astrid Olofsdotter.
1020 (during)
A son, Magnus was born illegitimately to King Olaf II and Alfhild, one of the Queen’s slaves.
1026 (during)
Battle of Helgea
A combined Norwegian and Swedish force, led by King Olaf II, launched an attack on Denmark. King Canute of England and Denmark responded by sending a combined English and Danish fleet. Despite heavy casualties on both sides, the battle was won by Canute. Olaf returned to Norway.
1028 (during)
The Norwegian nobility were dissatisfied with the rule of Olaf Haraldsson, King Olaf II. They turned their allegiance to Canute and supported his invasion of Norway. Olaf was forced into exile and fled to Kievan Rus. He took his mistress Alfhild and son Magnus with him. Canute installed Haakon Ericsson as regent in Norway.
1030 (Spring)
Olaf returned to Norway and was met by Hardrada and several hundred loyal supporters.
1030 (29th July)
Battle of Stiklestad
King Olaf and his half-brother Harald Hardrada fought against Canute’s forces, but they were defeated. Olaf was killed and his half-brother Harald was badly wounded. Canute seized the throne of Norway.
1030 (late July)
King Olaf II was buried in an unknown location.


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