Astrid Olofsdotter Timeline 1000-1036

Astrid Olofsdotter Likeness UnknownBorn – c.1000
Died – 1035
Father – Olaf Skotkonung (c.980 – 1022)
Mother – Edla (dates unknown)
Spouse – m. c1019 – King Olaf II of Norway (995 – 1030)
Children – Wulfhild (1020 – 1071)


1000 (around)
Astrid Olofsdotter was born illegitimately to King Olof of Sweden and Edla, a Slavic woman. The couple also had a son, Emund.
1000 (around)
Astrid’s father, King Olof, married Estrid of the Obotrites, a princess from the western Slavic region. It is believed that the marriage was made to seal a peace treaty. Olof maintained a relationship with his mistress Edla.
1001 (around)
A daughter, Ingegerd, was born to King Olof and Estrid.
1008 (during)
The Swedish royal family converted to Christianity.
1010 (around)
A son, Anund Jacob, was born to King Olof and Estrid.
1015 (during)
Olaf Haraldsson took the throne of Norway as King Olaf II. He wanted to unite the Kingdoms of Norway as one kingdom.
1016 (after March)
King Olof of Sweden agreed a peace with Olaf Haraldsson of Norway.The peace was sealed with the betrothal of Astrid’s half sister Ingegerd Olofsdotter to Olaf II.
1019 (during)
Astrid’s half-sister Ingegerd married Yaroslav Grand Prince of Kiev.
1019 (during)
Astrid Olofsdotter married King Olaf II of Sweden.
1020 (during)
A daughter, Wulfhild was born to Astrid and King Olaf II.
1020 (during)
King Olaf had a relationship with Alfhild, one of Queen Astrid’s slaves they had a son, Magnus.
1026 (during)
Battle of Helgea
A combined Norwegian and Swedish force, led by King Olaf II, launched an attack on Denmark. King Canute of England and Denmark responded by sending a combined English and Danish fleet. Despite heavy casualties on both sides, the battle was won by Canute. Olaf returned to Norway.
1028 (during)
The Norwegian nobility were dissatisfied with the rule of Olaf Haraldsson, King Olaf II. They turned their allegiance to Canute and supported his invasion of Norway. Olaf was forced into exile and fled to Kievan Rus. He took his mistress Alfhild and son Magnus with him. It is unclear whether Astrid and her daughter went as well. King Canute installed Haakon Ericsson as regent in Norway.
1030 (Spring)
Olaf returned to Norway and was met by his half brother Harald Sigurdsson and several hundred loyal supporters.
1030 (29th July)
Battle of Stiklestad
King Olaf and his half-brother Harald Hardrada fought against Canute’s forces, but they were defeated. Olaf was killed and his half-brother Harald was badly wounded. Canute seized the throne of Norway.
1030 (late July)
Following the death of her husband, Astrid returned to Sweden.
1035 (during)
Astrid gave her blessing to her half-brother Magnus as he set out to claim the Norwegian throne following the death of King Canute.
1035 (during)
Astrid disappeared from the records and is believed to have died.


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