Anne of Denmark Timeline 1574-1619

Anne of Denmark

Born – 12th December 1574
Died – 2nd March 1619, aged 44 years
Father – Frederick II of Denmark (1534 – 1588)
Mother – Sophie Mecklenburg-Güstrow (1557 – 1631)
Spouse – m. 1589 – James I of England, VI of Scotland (1566 – 1625)
Children – Henry (1594 – 1612), Elizabeth (1596 – 1662), Margaret (1598 – 1600), King Charles I/VI (1600 – 1649), Robert (1602), Mary (1605 – 1607), Sophia (1606)
Queen Consort – 1603 – 1625
PredecessorKatherine Parr  1543 – 1547
SuccessorHenrietta Maria of France 1625 – 1649


1574 (12th December)
Anne of Denmark was born to Frederick II of Denmark and Sophie Mecklenburg-Gustrow at Skanderborg Castle. She was the couple’s second daughter, her sister Elizabeth had been born in 1573 and her father was angry that she was not a boy.
1575 (during)
Anne was sent to live with her grandparents in Mecklenburg.
1577 (12th April)
Anne’s brother, Christian, was born to Frederick II of Denmark and Sophie Mecklenburt-Gustrow.
1579 (during)
Anne returned to the Danish court.
1586 (during)
A marriage between James VI and Anne’s sister, Elizabeth was suggested but nothing came of it.
1588 (during)
Anne’s father died. Anne’s brother, Christian, became King of Denmark.
1589 (during)
Anne’s sister, Elizabeth, was betrothed to the Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel.
1589 (July)
Terms for the marriage of Anne to King James VI of Scotland were agreed..
1589 (20th August)
Anne married by proxy King James VI of Scotland.
1589 (late August)
Anne sailed from Copenhagen bound for Scotland but was forced to put in to port in Norway following storms in the North Sea.
1589 (22nd October)
When he heard that his bride had landed in Norway due to storms James sailed to Norway to personally escort her to Scotland.
1589 (23rd November)
Anne married James VI of Scotland at the Bishop’s Palace, Oslo, Norway.
1589 (after 23rd November)
Anne and James spent time in the Danish cities of Elsinore and Copenhagen.
1590 (21st April)
Anne and James travelled to Scotland.
1590 (May)
Anne took control of the Palaces at Falkland, Dunfermline and Linlithgow as had been agreed by the marriage agreement.
1590 (17th May)
Anne was crowned Queen Consort at Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh.
1593 (around)
Anne spent vast sums of money in renovating her properties and throwing parties. This began to be a concern for the treasury.
1594 (19th February)
A son, Henry Frederick, was born to Anne and James He was styled Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick and Lord of the Isles.
1594 (August)
Anne was furious with James when he insisted that Prince Henry should be raised by the Earl of Mar as was the custom in Scotland. Anne had expected to raise her own children. This caused a rift between the couple.
1595 (around)
It is believed that Anne converted to Catholicism, a move which attracted criticism from many leading nobles. James chose to turn a blind eye but warned Anne to keep her religion a secret.
1595 (late July)
Anne, was delivered of a stillborn child.
1596 (19th August)
A daughter, Elizabeth, was born to Anne and James at Dunfermline Palace, Fife, Scotland.
1598 (24th December)
A daughter, Margaret, was born to Anne and James at Linlithgow Palace, Fife, Scotland.
1600 (during)
The Gowrie Conspiracy
A plot to kidnap King James by John Ruthven, Lord Gowrie and his brother Alexander was uncovered. Both brothers were killed and their sisters, who were ladies in waiting to Anne, were dismissed. Anne, who was fond of the sisters, protested and refused to get out of bed for two days.
1600 (March)
Anne’s daughter, Margaret died.
1600 (19th November)
A son, Charles, was born to Anne and James at Dunfermline Palace.
1600 (23rd December)
Anne’s son, Charles, was created Duke of Albany, Marquess of Ormonde, Earl of Ross and Baron of Ardmannoch.
1602 (18th January)
A son, Robert Bruce, was born to Anne and James at Dunfermline Castle.
1602 (2nd May)
Anne’s son, Robert Bruce, was created Duke of Kintyre and Lorne, Marquess of Wigtown, Earl of Carrick and Lord of Annerdale.
1603 (24th March)
Anne’s husband, James, became King of England, Ireland and Wales after Elizabeth I died. Their eldest son, Henry became Duke of Cornwall.
1603 (5th April)
Anne’s husband, James, left Edinburgh for London. Anne, who was heavily pregnant, remained in Scotland until after the birth.
1603 (May)
With her husband and the Earl of Mar departed for London, Anne attempted to gain custody of her son, Henry. However, the Earl of Mar’s mother and brother would not allow Anne to take her son.
1603 (May)
A stillborn son was born to Anne of Denmark  and King James at Stirling Castle. Many sources indicate that the miscarriage was brought on as a result of Anne’s anger at not being able to gain custody of her son, Henry.
1603 (14th June)
Anne’s eldest son, Henry, was made a Knight of the Garter.
1603 (July)
Having recovered from her stillbirth, Anne, travelled south to London with her son, Henry. She had refused to join her husband unless allowed custody of her son.
1603 (25th July)
James and Anne of Denmark were crowned King and Queen of England at Westminster Abbey.
1605 (6th January)
Anne’s son, Charles, was created Duke of York and made a Knight of the Bath.
1605 (8th April)
A daughter, Mary was born to Anne and James at Greenwich Palace.
1605 (5th November)
Gunpowder Plot
A plot to assassinate James and the government by blowing up the Houses of Parliament on the day of the state opening of Parliament by the King, was uncovered. Guido Fawkes and the other perpetrators were executed.
1606 (22nd June)
A daughter, Sophia, was born to Anne and James. She died soon after birth. Anne had been very ill after the birth and had resolved to have no more children.
1607 (around)
Anne and James lived apart for most of the time. However, Anne continued to carry out queenly duties such as receiving ambassadors and other visiting dignitaries.
1607 (16th September)
Anne’s daughter, Mary died at Stanwell Park, Staines, Middlesex.
1610 (4th June)
Anne’s eldest son, Henry, was created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester in a ceremony at Westminster Abbey.
1611 (24th April)
Anne’s son, Charles, was made a Knight of the Garter.
1612 (6th November)
Anne’s eldest son, Henry, died of typhoid.
1612 (6th November)
Anne’s son, Charles, became Duke of Cornwall and Rothesay following the death of his elder brother.
1613 (14th February)
Anne’s daughter, Elizabeth married Frederick V, Elector of Palatane at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall Palace, London.
Anne’s son, Charles, was invested Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester at Whitehall Palace, London.
1618 (Christmas)
Anne was too ill to attend Christmas celebrations.
1619 (2nd March)
Anne of Denmark died from dropsy (fluid retention/oedema) at Hampton Court Palace, London.
1619 (13th May)
Anne was buried in King Henry’s Chapel, Westminster Abbey.


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