English History Timeline 960-969

King Edgar the Peaceful

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English History for the years 960 – 969

The king of England for this period was Edgar, known as The Peaceful


960 (around)
Edgar married Aethelflaed the Fair, daughter of Ealdorman Ordmaer of Devon.
960 (21st September)
Dunstan received the pallium as Archbishop of Canterbury from Pope John XII.
960 (after September)
King Edgar approved of the monastic reforms put in place by Archbishop Dunstan. These reforms included enforcing poverty, obedience and chastity for monks.
961 (during)
St Paul’s cathedral in London was destroyed by fire.
962 (during)
A son, Edward was born to Edgar and Aethelfleda.
962 (around)
A daughter, Eadgyth, was born illegitimately to Edgar and Wulfthryth at Kemsing. Edgar had abducted Wulfthryth from Wilton Abbey and taken her to Kemsing. After the birth of Eadgyth she and her daughter returned to the abbey.
964 (during)
Edgar’s wife Aethelflaed was either divorced or died.
964 (during)
Edgar married Aelfthryth, daughter of the Ealdorman of Devon.
965 (during)
A son, Edmund was born to Edgar and Aelfthryth.
966 (during)
A son, Aethelred was born to Edgar and Aelfthryth.
968 (14th May)
A son, Leofric, was born to Leofwine, Ealdorman of the Hwicce and his wife. Leofric would become famous as the husband of Lady Godiva.
970 (during)
Edgar’s son, Edmund died.


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