Aelfthryth (Wife of King Edgar) Timeline 945-1002

Aelfthryth wife of edgarFather – Ealdorman Ordgar
Mother – Unknown
Spouses – Aethelwald, King Edgar (943 – 975)
Children – Edmund, Aethelred (966 – 1016)


945 (around)
Aelfthryth was born the daughter of Ealdorman Ordgar of Devon.
962 (around)
Aelfthryth married Aethelwald, son of Aethelstan, who had looked after King Edgar when his father died. One story states that Edgar had asked Aethelwald to report on Aelfthryth’s beauty. When Aethelwald saw how beautiful she was he married her himself and told Edgar that she was not beautiful at all.
962 (after)
Aethelwald, was killed leaving Aelfthryth a widow. His death may have been ordered by King Edgar when he found out that Aethelwald had deceived him.
964 (during)
King Edgar of England married Aelfthryth.
965 (during)
A son, Edmund, was born to Aelfthryth and King Edgar.
966 (during)
A son, Aethelred, was born to Aelfthryth and King Edgar.
970 (during)
Aelfthryth’s eldest son, Edmund, died.
973 (11th May)
Aelfthryth was crowned Queen of England when King Edgar was crowned for a second time at Bath.
975 (8th July)
King Edgar died at Winchester. He was succeeded by his son from his first marriage, Edward.
975 (after July)
Aelfthryth’s step-son, Edward, was crowned King by Archbishop Dunstan at Kingston upon Thames. She was not happy that Edward had succeeded to the throne and believed that her son, Aethelred should have been crowned king.
976 (during)
Aelfthryth worked against King Edward and rallied support for her son’s claim to the throne.
978 (18th March)
King Edward was murdered at Corfe Castle while visiting Aelfthryth. The assassins was almost certainly acting on her behalf. Aethelred was proclaimed King.
978 (4th April)
Aethelred was crowned at Kingston upon Thames.
978 (April)
Aelfthryth acted as regent for the young King Aethelred.
984 (during)
Aethelred came of age and took control of the country. He chose a new set of younger advisers.
985 (during)
King Aethelred married Aelfgifu, daughter of Thored, earl of Northumbria.
986 (during)
Aelfthryth’s grandson, Aethelstan, was born to Aethelred and Aelfgifu.
986 (during)
Aelfthryth founded Wherwell Abbey in Hampshire.
990 (during)
Aelfthryth’s grandson, Edmund was born to Aethelred and Aelfgifu
1002 (17th November)
Aelfthryth died at Wherwell Abbey.


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