Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Timeline 1900-2002

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Info

Elizabeth Bowes LyonBorn – 4th August 1900
Died – 30th March 2002
Father – Claude Bowes-Lyon (1855 – 1944)
Mother – Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck (1862 – 1938)
Spouse – m. 1923 – King George VI
ChildrenQueen Elizabeth II (b. 1926), Margaret (1930 – 2002)

Queen Consort of the United Kingdom – 1936 – 1952


Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Timeline


Early Years
Queen of Britain
Queen Mother

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Timeline – Early Years

1900 (4th August)
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother, was born Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon to Claude Bowes-Lyon, Lord Glamis, and Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck at St Paul’s Walden Bury, Hertfordshire. Although St Paul’s Walden Bury was given as her official place of birth it is thought that she may have been born in London. She was the couple’s ninth child.
1900 (23rd September)
Elizabeth was christened in All Saints parish church at St Paul’s Walden Bury.
1902 (during)
Elizabeth’s brother, David, was born to Claude Bowes-Lyon and Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck.
1904 (during)
Claude Bowes-Lyon and Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck became Lord and Lady Strathmore following the death of Claude Bowes-Lyon Sr. Elizabeth was known as Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.
1905 (September)
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon began her education at home with a governess.
1908 (September)
Elizabeth attended a private school in London.
1912 (September)
Elizabeth was sent to the Misses Birtwistle’s Academy where she was taught a range of subjects.
1913 (during)
Elizabeth was taken out of school and again educated at home by a governess.
1914 (4th August)
World War One began. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon returned to Glamis Castle.
1915 (during)
During World War One, Glamis Castle was used as a hospital for recovering servicemen. Elizabeth helped to tend the wounded soldiers.
1915 (27th September)
Elizabeth’s elder brother, Fergus, was killed at the Battle of Loos.
1917 (May)
Elizabeth’s brother, Michael, was wounded in service and taken captive as a prisoner of war.
1919 (during)
At the age of 19 years, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was launched as a debutante in London.
1921 (Spring)
Prince Albert, second son of King George V, proposed marriage to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon but she turned him down not wanting to become a member of the royal family.
1922 (February)
Elizabeth was bridesmaid to Princess Mary, daughter of King George V, when she married Viscount Lascelles.
1922 (March)
Prince Albert proposed marriage to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon for the second time but she turned him down again.
1923 (January)
Prince Albert proposed marriage to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon for the third time and this time she accepted his proposal.
1923 (13th January)
The betrothal of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon to Prince Albert, Duke of York was announced from Buckingham Palace.

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Timeline – Marriage

1923 (26th April)
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married Prince Albert at Westminster Abbey. After her marriage she was styled Her Royal Highness, Duchess of York.
1924 (July)
Elizabeth and Albert, Duke and Duchess of York, visited Northern Ireland.
1924 (December)
The Duke and Duchess of York made a four-month tour of Kenya, Uganda and the Sudan.
1925 (31st October)
Elizabeth was concerned when Albert made his first public speech at Wembley Stadium and stammered badly.
1926 (21st April)
A daughter Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born to Albert and Elizabeth at 17 Bruton Street, London. She was known as Lilibet by the family.
1926 (19th October)
With Elizabeth’s support, Albert visited Lionel Logue, a speech impediment expert, at his Harley Street clinic.
1927 (during)
Albert and Elizabeth made a tour of the British Empire. As was the custom, their young daughter, Princess Elizabeth, remained at home with her nannies.
1930 (7th February)
Elizabeth’s brother, John Bowes-Lyon died of pneumonia at Glamis Castle, Scotland.
1930 (21st August)
A daughter Margaret Rose was born to Elizabeth and Albert at Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland.
1936 (20th January)
Albert’s father, King George V died and Albert’s brother, David, took the throne as King Edward VIII.
1936 (11th December)
King Edward VIII abdicated the throne so that he could marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Timeline – Queen of Britain

1936 (11th December)
Prince Albert reluctantly took the throne as King George VI of Great Britain and Emperor of India. Elizabeth was now styled Queen of Britain and Empress of India.
1936 (14th December)
Queen Elizabeth was made a member of the Order of the Garter.
1937 (12th May)
Albert was crowned King George VI at Westminster Abbey and Elizabeth was crowned Queen consort by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Cosmo Lang. It was the first coronation broadcast live on radio and television.
1937 (25th December)
King George VI made a live broadcast to the nation.
1938 (23rd June)
Elizabeth’s mother, Countess of Strathmore, died in London.
1938 (Summer)
King George and Queen Elizabeth made a state visit to France to maintain good relations between Britain and France as Nazi Germany continued to rise.
1939 (May)
King George and Queen Elizabeth made a two-month visit to Canada and the United States where they were very well received.
1939 (3rd September)
Britain declared war on Germany following Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland. King George made a broadcast to the nation at 6pm.
1940 (7th September)
Elizabeth and King George VI made the decision to remain in London during the World War Two Blitz to show solidarity with the people. They spent their days at Buckingham Palace but retired to Windsor Castle in the evenings to be with their two daughters. They frequently visited bombsites to reassure the people.
1940 (13th September)
King George and Queen Elizabeth were in Buckingham Palace when a German bomb exploded in the courtyard.
1942 (August)
King George’s younger brother, Prince George, Duke of Kent, was killed when his plane, RAF Short Sunderland flying boat W4026, crashed into a hill in Caithness, Scotland.
1944 (7th November)
Elizabeth’s father, Earl Strathmore, died of bronchitis at Glamis Castle.
1945 (8th May)
VE Day. Elizabeth and George VI appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and waved to the crowds.
1947 (during)
Elizabeth, George VI, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret made a tour of South Africa.
1947 (20th November)
Elizabeth’s daughter, Princess Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten of Greece.
1948 (14th Novemnber)
A son Charles Philip Arthur George was born at Buckingham Palace to Princess Elizabeth and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. He was Elizabeth’s first grandchild.
1949 (March)
King George suffered a blocked artery in his right leg and had to postpone a scheduled tour of Australia and New Zealand in order to have surgery to his leg.
1949 (25th May)
Elizabeth’s brother Patrick Bowes-Lyon, Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, died in Scotland.
1950 (15th August)
Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, was born to Princess Elizabeth and Philip Duke of Edinburgh.
1951 (September)
Elizabeth’s husband, King George, who had always been a heavy smoker, was diagnosed with lung cancer.
1951 (23rd September)
Elizabeth’s husband, King George, underwent an operation to remove his left lung.
1951 (October)
Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh made a tour of Canada.
1952 (31st January)
Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh left London to make a tour of the Commonwealth. Although advised to stay indoors, King George went to the airport to wave the couple off.

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Timeline – Queen Mother

1952 (6th February)
Elizabeth’s husband, King George VI, died of lung cancer at Sandringham House, Norfolk. He was succeeded by his and Elizabeth’s daughter, Elizabeth. To avoid confusion with her daughter, Elizabeth took the title Queen Mother.
1952 (15th February)
Elizabeth attended her husband’s funeral service. His body was taken in procession from Westminster Hall to Paddington and then by train to Windsor where he was buried in St George’s Chapel.
1952 (late February)
Elizabeth took herself to Scotland where she mourned her husband for a year.
1953 (during)
Elizabeth was persuaded by Winston Churchill to return to London. She made her home in Clarence House.
1953 (24th March)
Queen Mary, Elizabeth’s mother-in-law died at Marlborough House.
1953 (July)
Elizabeth and her daughter, Princess Margaret, made a tour of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).
1953 (late)
Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh made a tour of the Commonwealth. While they were away Elizabeth oversaw the care of her grandchildren, Charles and Anne.
1960 (19th February)
Elizabeth’s grandson, Prince Andrew, was born to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
1960 (6th May)
Elizabeth’s daughter, Margaret, married Antony Armstrong-Jones at Westminster Abbey.
1961 (8th February)
Elizabeth’s sister, Lady Mary Elphinstone, died in Scotland.
1961 (13th September)
Elizabeth’s younger brother, David, died of a heart attack.
1961 (3rd November)
Elizabeth’s grandson, David, Viscount Linley, was born to Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones.
1964 (February)
Elizabeth was admitted to hospital where she had an emergency appendectomy.
1964 (10th March)
Elizabeth’s grandson, Prince Edward, was born to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
1964 (1st May)
Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, was born to Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones.
1966 (during)
Elizabeth made a tour of Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.
1966 (December)
Elizabeth was admitted to hospital to have a tumour removed from her colon.
1967 (17th November)
Elizabeth’s sister, Rose, died.
1973 (14th November)
Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Princess Anne, married Captain Mark Philips.
1975 (during)
Elizabeth made a visit to Iran.
1977 (15th November)
Elizabeth’s great-grandson Peter Philips, was born to Princess Anne and Mark Philips.
1978 (11th July)
Elizabeth’s daughter, Princess Margaret, was divorced from her husband, Antony Armstrong-Jones.
1981 (15th May)
Elizabeth’s great-granddaughter, Zara Philips, was born to Princess Anne and Mark Philips.
1981 (29th July)
Elizabeth’s grandson, Prince Charles, married Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul’s Cathedral.
1982 (during)
Elizabeth was rushed to hospital to have a fish bone removed from her throat.
1982 (21st June)
Elizabeth’s great-grandson, William, was born to Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales.
1984 (during)
Elizabeth was admitted to hospital to have a lump removed from her breast.
1984 (15th September)
Elizabeth’s great-grandson Prince Henry (known as Harry) was born to Prince Charles and Diana Princess of Wales.
1986 (23rd July)
Elizabeth’s grandson, Prince Andrew, married Sarah Ferguson.
1988 (8th August)
Elizabeth’s great-granddaughter, Princess Beatrice, was born to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.
1990 (23rd March)
Elizabeth’s great-granddaughter, Princess Eugenie, was born to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.
1990 (4th August)
A parade of many of the organisations of which she was patron was held to mark Elizabeth’s 90th birthday.
1992 (23rd April)
Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Princess Anne, was divorced from Mark Philips.
1992 (12th December)
Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Princess Anne, married Timothy Laurence.
1993 (8th October)
Elizabeth’s grandson, David Armstrong-Jones married Serena Alleyne Stanhope.
1994 (14th July)
Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones married Daniel Chatto.
1996 (30th May)
Elizabeth’s grandson, Prince Andrew, was divorced from Sarah Ferguson.
1996 (28th July)
Elizabeth’s great-grandson, Samuel, was born to Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones and Daniel Chatto.
1996 (28th August)
Elizabeth’s grandson, Prince Charles, was divorced from Diana, Princess of Wales.
1999 (5th February)
Elizabeth’s great-grandson, Arthur, was born to Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones and Daniel Chatto.
1999 (19th June)
Elizabeth’s grandson, Prince Edward, married Sophie Rhys-Jones.
1999 (1st July)
Elizabeth’s great-grandson, Charles, Viscount Linley, was born to David Armstrong-Jones and his wife, Serena.
2000 (4th August)
Elizabeth celebrated her 100th birthday.
2000 (November)
Elizabeth fell and broke her collarbone.
2001 (1st August)
Elizabeth needed a blood transfusion for anaemia.
2001 (December)
Elizabeth fell and fractured her pelvis.
2002 (9th February)
Elizabeth’s younger daughter, Princess Margaret, died.
2002 (30th March)
Elizabeth died in her sleep at the Royal Lodge, Windsor Great Park.
2002 (9th April)
Elizabeth was given a state funeral at Westminster Abbey before being buried in St George’s Chapel, Windsor.


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