Baldwin V, Count of Flanders Timeline 1012-1067

Father – Baldwin IV of Flanders (980 – 1035)
Mother – Ogive of Luxembourg (990 – 1030)
Spouse – Adela of France (1009 – 1079)
Children – Baldwin VI (1030 – 1070), Matilda (1032 – 1083), Robert I (1035 – 1093)


1012 (19th August)
Baldwin V, Count of Flanders, was born to Baldwin IV of Flanders and Ogive of Luxembourg at Arras, Flanders.
1028 (during)
Baldwin married Adela, daughter of Robert II of France at Amiens.
1028 (during)
Baldwin’s wife encouraged him to rebel against his father.
1030 (around)
A son, Baldwin, was born to Baldwin and Adela.
1030 (around)
Baldwin’s mother, Ogive of Luxembourg, died.
1030 (during)
Baldwin made peace with his father and did not challenge his rule again.
1031 (during)
Baldwin’s father married Eleanor of Normandy.
1032 (around)
A daughter, Matilda, was born to Baldwin and Adela.
1033 (around)
A son, Robert, was born to Baldwin and Adela.
1033 (during)
Baldwin’s half-sister, Judith, was born to Baldwin IV of Flanders and Eleanor of Normandy.
1035 (30th May)
Baldwin became Count Baldwin V of Flanders after his father died.
1037 (late)
Following the decision of the English Witan to accept Harold Harefoot as King, Emma of Normandy, wife of King Cnut, left England and sought refuge with Count Baldwin V of Flanders in Bruges.
1039 (during)
Emma of Normandy’s son, Harthacnut, visited the court in Bruges.
1046 (during)
As the ally of Godfrey, Duke of Lorraine, Baldwin became involved in a war against Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor.
1049 (during)
Count Baldwin V’s son, Baldwin, married Richilde, widow of Herman, Count of Mons.
1050 (during)
Count Baldwin V’s daughter, Matilda, married William, Duke of Normandy at the Cathedral of Notre Dame d’Eu in Normandy.
1051 (September)
King Edward the Confessor of England exiled the Godwin family after Earl Godwin raised arms against him. Earl Godwin, his wife Gytha and their sons Sweyn, Tostig and Gyrth sought refuge with Baldwin V in Bruges.
1051 (late)
Baldwin’s half-sister, Judith, married Tostig Godwinson.
1060 (during)
Count Baldwin V became co-regent of France with Anne of Kiev, for his young nephew, Philip I of France.
1067 (1st September)
Count Baldwin V died. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Baldwin.


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