The Moody Blues Albums in Order

The Moody Blues Albums in Order

The Moody Blues Albums in Order of Release


1965 (23rd July)
The Magnificent Moodies
1967 (10th November)
Days of Future Passed
1968 (26th July)
In Search of the Lost Chord
1969 (25th April)
On the Threshold of a Dream
1969 (21st November)
To Our Children’s Children’s Children
1970 (7th August)
A Question of Balance
1971 (23rd July)
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
1972 (23rd October)
Seventh Sojourn
1974 (8th October)
This Is The Moody Blues
1977 (30th April)
Caught Live +5
1978 (during)
The Great Moody Blues
1978 (9th June)
1979 (22nd October)
Out of This World
1981 (during)
Eternity in an Hour: A Collection of the Best of the Moody Blues
1981 (15th May)
Long Distance Voyager
1983 (28th August)
The Present
1984 (21st November)
Voices in the Sky: The Best of The Moody Blues
1986 (6th April)
The Other Side of Life
1987 (26th October)
1988 (6th June)
Sur la Mer
1989 (during)
1989 (21st November)
Greatest Hits
1990 (21st November)
The Story of the Moody Blues – Legend of a Band
1991 (25th June)
Keys of the Kingdom
1993 (9th March)
A Night at Red rocks with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra
1994 (27th September)
Time Traveller
1996 (during)
True Story
1996 (23rd September)
The Very Best of the Moody Blues
1997 (28th January)
The Best of The Moody Blues
1998 (during)
Melancholy Men
1998 (20th October)
1999 (25th June)
Strange Times
1999 (27th December)
Classic Moody Blues: The Universal Masters Collection
2000 (7th March)
The Best of The Moody Blues: 20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection
2008 (8th August)
Hall of Fame
2001 (6th February)
The Singles+
2003 (14th January)
Say it with Love
2003 (28th October)
2003 (30th December)
2005 (1st March)
2005 (15th November)
Lovely to See You: Live
2006 (29th August)
An Introduction to The Moody Blues
2007 (27th February)
2007 (26th March)
Live at the BBC: 1967-1970
2008 (29th April)
Playlist Plus
2008 (6th July)
Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970
2010 (3rd March)
Live at the Royal Albert Hall with the World Festival Orchestra
2011 (11th August)
2013 (3rd June)
Timeless Flight
2014 (24th November)
The Polydor Years: 1986-1992
2017 (26th May)
Nights in White Satin: The Essential
2018 (23rd March)
Days of Future Passed Live
2021 (21st June)
The Moody Blues – Live at Montreux


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