The Beatles Albums in Order of Release

The Beatles Albums in Order

The Beatles Albums in Order of Release

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The Beatles History and Discography


1963 (22nd March)
Please Please Me
1963 (22nd November)
With the Beatles
1964 (10th July)
A Hard Day’s Night
1964 (4th December)
Beatles For Sale
1965 (6th August)
1965 (3rd December)
Rubber Soul
1966 (5th August)
1967 (26th May)
Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
1967 (27th November)
Magical Mystery Tour
1968 (22nd November)
The White Album (The Beatles)
1969 (17th January)
Yellow Submarine
1969 (26th September)
Abbey Road
1970 (8th May)
Let It Be
1973 (2nd April)
The Red Album (1962 – 1966)
1973 (2nd April)
The Blue Album (1967 – 1970)
1976 (7th June)
Rock n Roll Music
1977 (8th April)
Live at the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany, 1962
1977 (4th May)
The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl
1977 (19th November)
Love Songs
1978 (2nd December)
1978 (12th December)
The Beatles Collection
1980 (14th October)
The Beatles Ballads
1980 (3rd November)
The Beatles Box
1981 (7th December)
The EP Collection
1982 (22nd March)
Reel Music
1982 (18th October)
20 Greatest Hits
1988 (7th March)
Past Masters Volume One
1988 (7th March)
Past Masters Volume Two
1994 (30th November)
Live At The BBC
1995 (20th November)
The Beatles Anthology 1
1996 (18th March)
The Beatles Anthology 2
1996 (28th October)
The Beatles Anthology 3
1999 (13th September)
Yellow Submarine Songbook
2000 (13th November)
2003 (17th November)
Let It Be…Naked
2006 (20th November)
2009 (9th September)
Past Masters
2012 (24th July)
Tomorrow Never Knows
2013 (11th November)
On Air – Live At The BBC Volume 2
2016 (9th September)
Live At The Hollywood Bowl


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