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Princess Margaret TimelineBorn – 21st August 1930
Died – 9th February 2002
FatherKing George VI (1895 – 1952)
MotherElizabeth Bowes-Lyon (1900 – 2002)
Spouse – m. 1960, div. 1978 – Antony Armstrong-Jones (1930 – 2017)
Children – David (b. 1961), Sarah (b. 1964)
Known to History – Sister of Queen Elizabeth II


Princess Margaret Timeline

1930 (21st August)
Princess Margaret Rose was born Margaret Rose at Glamis Castle, Scotland to Albert, second son of King George V, and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. She was known in family circles as Margot. She was the couple’s second daughter, her sister Elizabeth had been born earlier.
1930 (30th October)
Margaret Rose was baptised in the chapel at Buckingham Palace by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Cosmo Lang.
1932 (during)
Margaret’s parents moved the family to the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park.
1934 (during)
Princess Margaret made her first public appearance when she attended the wedding of her uncle, Prince George, Duke of Kent to Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark.
1935 (during)
Margaret began her education. She was privately educated with her sister, Princess Elizabeth, by their governess Marion Crawford. Her education was limited because her mother, Queen Elizabeth did not see the importance of education.
1936 (20th January)
Margaret’s grandfather, King George V died. Her uncle David became King Edward VIII.
1936 (10th December)
King Edward VIII formally abdicated the throne in order to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson.
1936 (11th December)
Margaret’s father took the throne as King George VI¬†and Margaret became second in line to the throne after her sister Elizabeth.
1937 (during)
Margaret became a Brownie in the 1st Buckingham Palace Brownie Pack.
1937 (12th May)
Margaret’s father was crowned King George VI and her mother was crowned Queen Elizabeth at Westminster Abbey. Margaret and her sister, Elizabeth, were present for the Coronation Ceremony.
1939 (during)
Margaret faced separation from her parents when they left Britain for a tour of Canada and the United States and left the two young princesses at home.
1939 (3rd September)
World War Two began. To show solidarity with the people, the royal family remained in London. Margaret and her sister spent most of the war years at Windsor Castle.
1945 (8th May)
Victory in Europe Day
After appearing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with their parents, Princess Margaret and her sister Elizabeth were allowed to leave the Palace and join the victory celebrations incognito.
1947 (April)
Princess Margaret accompanied her parents and sister on a tour of South Africa. The King’s equerry, Captain Peter Townsend also joined the tour.
1947 (10th July)
Margaret’s sister, Princess Elizabeth was formally engaged to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten.
1947 (20th November)
Princess Margaret was a bridesmaid at the marriage of her sister, Princess Elizabeth to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh at Westminster Abbey.
1948 (14th November)
Margaret’s nephew, Charles Philip Arthur George was born to Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace, London.
1950 (15th August)
Margaret’s niece, Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise was born to Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip at Clarence House, London.
1951 (September)
Princess Margaret was appointed a Counsellor of State when her father was taken ill with lung cancer.
1951 (21st August)
Margaret celebrated her 21st birthday at Balmoral.
1952 (6th February)
King George VI, died from lung cancer. Margaret’s sister, Elizabeth, who was on tour in Kenya, became Queen Elizabeth II.
1952 (15th February)
The funeral of King George VI was held at St George’s Chapel, Westminster Abbey.
1952 (After February)
Margaret and her mother moved out of Buckingham Palace and took up residence in Clarence House. Peter Townsend was given the position of Comptroller of her mother’s household.
1953 (during)
Peter Townsend, recently divorced, proposed to Margaret and she accepted. Margaret told her sister that she wished to marry divorced Peter Townsend. Under the Royal Marriages Act 1772 she needed the monarch’s permission to marry before the age of 25 years. While Elizabeth was sympathetic to Margaret she was Queen foremost and, worried about the scandal and advised by Prime Minister Winston Churchill, denied permission for them to marry.
1953 (during)
Margaret was appointed Dame Grand Cross of the Victorian Order.
1953 (24th March)
Margaret’s grandmother, Queen Mary, widow of George V, died.
1953 (2nd June)
Margaret’s sister, Elizabeth, was crowned Queen at Westminster Abbey by Dr Geoffrey Fisher Archbishop of Canterbury. It was the first royal coronation to be televised.
1955 (during)
Margaret embarked on the Royal Yacht Britannia for a tour of the British colonies in the Caribbean.
1955 (21st August)
Margaret reached the age of 25 and no longer needed the Queen’s consent to marry. However, the marriage of a Princess to a divorcee with two children was seen as problematic and Margaret was told that if she married Captain Townsend she would have to renounce her rights to the throne and give up her royal entitlements.
1955 (October)
Margaret chose not to renounce her royal status and announced that she had split from Captain Peter Townsend.
1956 (during)
Margaret was awarded the Order of St John of Jerusalem.
1959 (during)
Margaret and her mother, Elizabeth the Queen Mother, went on holiday to Rome and Paris.
1960 (19th February)
Margaret’s nephew, Andrew Albert Christian Edward, was born to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace, London.
1960 (26th February)
Margaret announced her engagement to the photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones.
1960 (6th May)
Margaret married Antony Armstrong-Jones at Westminster Abbey. She wore a dress designed by Norman Hartnell. The wedding was the first royal wedding to be televised.
1960 (May)
Margaret and her new husband spent a six-week honeymoon on board the Royal Yacht Britannia.
1960 (June)
Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones moved into Kensington Palace.
1961 (during)
After Margaret announced her pregnancy, Antony Armstrong-Jones was created Earl of Snowdon. Princess Margaret became Countess of Snowdon.
1961 (3rd November)
A son, David Albert Charles was born to Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones.
1962 (6th August)
Margaret represented Britain at the ceremony to mark the independence of Jamaica.
1964 (1st May)
A daughter, Sarah Frances Elizabeth was born to Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones.
1964 (14th November)
Margaret’s nephew, Edward Antony Richard Louis was born to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace, London.
1965 (during)
Margaret and her husband embarked on a tour of the United States of America. They were entertained by President Lyndon B Johnson.
1965 (during)
Margaret became President of Girlguiding UK.
1967 (during)
Margaret had a relationship with Robin Douglas-Home.
1973 (September)
Priincess Margaret was introduced to Roderic Llewellyn who was 17 years younger. They became close.
1973 (14th November)
Margaret attended the wedding of her niece, Princess Anne, to Captain Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey.
1974 (during)
Margaret embarked on a tour of the United States of America and Canada.
1975 (during)
It was reported in the media that Margaret had had a relationship with the actor Warren Beatty.
1975 (during)
Margaret made a tour of Australia.
1976 (February)
Margaret’s relationship with Roddy Llewellyn became public knowledge after a photograph of them was published in the News of the World.
1976 (March)
Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones announced their separation.
1978 (11th July
Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones were divorced.
1978 (1st October)
Margaret represented Britain at the independence ceremony of Tuvalu.
1978 (3rd November)
Margaret represented Britain at the independence ceremony of Dominica.
1978 (December)
Antony Armstrong-Jones married Lucy Lindsay-Hogg.
1979 (27th August)
Margaret’s second cousin, Lord Louis Mountbatten was assassinated by an IRA bomb off the Western coast of Ireland.
1980 (during)
Margaret made a tour of the Philippines.
1981 (during)
Margaret made a tour of Swaziland.
1981 (29th July)
Margaret attended the wedding of her nephew, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Frances Spencer at St Paul’s Cathedral.
1985 (5th January)
Margaret had part of her left lung removed.
1987 (during)
Princess Margaret made a tour of China.
1990 (during)
Margaret was awarded the Royal Victorian Chain.
1993 (January)
Margaret was taken ill with pneumonia and was admitted to hospital.
1993 (8th October)
Margaret’s son, David Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon, married Serena Stanhope at St Margaret’s Church, Westminster.
1998 (during)
Princess Margaret suffered a mild stroke while at her holiday home in Mustique.
1999 (early)
Margaret badly scalded her feet in a bathroom accident. The scalds were so severe that she needed support when walking.
1999 (1st July)
Margaret’s grandson Charles Patrick Inigo Armstrong-Jones was born to David Armstrong Jones and Serena Stanhope.
2001 (January)
Margaret suffered another stroke that left her partially paralysed.
2001 (March)
Margaret suffered another stroke.
2001 (August)
Margaret attended the celebrations for her mother’s 101st birthday.
2002 (9th February)
Princess Margaret died at King Edward VI hospital, London, following another stroke.
2002 (15th February)
Princess Margaret was cremated at Slough Crematorium and her ashes put in the tomb of her parents.


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