Margot Frank Timeline 1926-1945

Margot FrankBorn – 16th February 1926
Died – March 1945
FatherOtto Frank (1889 – 1980)
Mother – Edith Frank (nee Hollander) (1900 – 1945)
Spouse – Not married
Children – No children


1926 (16th February)
Margot Frank was born Margot Betti Frank in Frankfurt, Germany to Otto and Edith Frank.
1929 (12th June)
Margot’s sister Anne was born to Otto and Edith Frank.
1931 (around)
Margot attended Ludwig-Richter School in Frankfurt.
1933 (30th January)
1933 (13th March)
The Nazi Party were elected to the Frankfurt local government. They immediately imposed anti-Jewish measures.
1933 (August)
Margot, Anne and their mother, Edith, left Frankfurt and went to Aachen to stay with Edith’s mother.
1933 (late)
Otto Frank started a new company, the Opekta Works, in Amsterdam, a subsidiary of a company his brother-in-law worked for.
1934 (early)
Anne, Margot and Edith Frank joined Otto in Amsterdam. The family lived in the Merwedeplain area of Amsterdam.
1934 (early)
Margo attended the local school in Amsterdam.
1938 (during)
Otto Frank started a second company in Amsterdam, Pectacon, a wholesale company selling spices used in the production of sausages. He employed Hermann van Pels as an advisor.
1939 (during)
Margot’s grandmother Rosa came from Aachen to live with the family.
1939 (1st September)
Germany invaded Poland.
1939 (3rd September)
Britain and France declared war on Germany beginning World War Two.
1940 (April)
As part of her school English lessons, Margot was given an American pen friend, Betty Wagner. She only wrote one letter but told of her fear for her family’s future.
1940 (10th May)
Germany invaded the Netherlands.
1941 (during)
Margot Frank was proud of her Jewish heritage and joined a Dutch Zionist group. She hoped one day to move to Palestine and help form a Jewish state.
1941 (Autumn)
Dutch Jews were no longer allowed to attend school with non-Jewish children. Margot and her sister had to attend a Jewish school.
1941 (late)
Margot Frank was a studious child and enjoyed learning. She also enjoyed playing tennis and rowing.
1942 (January)
Margot’s grandmother Rosa died.
1942 (12th June)
Margot’s sister Anne was given a diary for her thirteenth birthday.
1942 (5th July)
Margot Frank received deportation papers demanding that she go to a labour camp in Germany.
1942 (6th July)
The Frank family went into hiding in a Secret Annex above Otto Frank’s offices. Employees Miep Gies, Victor Kugler, Johannes Kleiman and Bep Voskujl were the only employees that knew the family were hiding above the premises.
1942 (13th July)
The Van Pels family, Hermann, Auguste and Peter joined the Frank family in the Secret Annex.
1942 (mid July)
Life was hard for the inhabitants of the Secret Annex. They had to be absolutely silent during the daytime so that visitors or customers to the factory below would not know they were there. Conditions were cramped and there was little privacy for the families. Margot spent much of her time reading and studying.
1942 (16th November)
Fritz Pfeffer, a dentist, joined the Franks and Van Pelses in the Secret Annex.
1944 (5th April)
Margot’s sister Anne recorded much of what went on in the Secret Annex in her diary. Margot also kept a diary but it has not survived.
1944 (4th August)
Following an anonymous tip off, the Secret Annex was raided. All occupants were arrested and sent to the Westerbork transit camp. Miep Gies found Anne’s diary among papers left on the floor of the Annex and took it for safe keeping.
1944 (3rd September )
The Franks, Van Pelses and Fritz Pfeffer were taken to Auschwitz. The train they were in was the last to leave Westerbork transit camp. The journey east took two days.
1944 (1st November)
Margot, Anne and Mrs Pels were taken from Auschwitz to Bergen Belsen.
1945 6th January)
Edith Frank died in Auschwitz.
1945 (27th January)
Otto Frank, was liberated from Auschwitz. He was taken to Odessa.
1945 (February)
Margot died of Typhus Fever at Bergen Belsen Camp. Her sister, Anne died a few days later.


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