Margaret Maid of Norway Timeline 1283-1290

Margaret Maid of Norway

Born – 9th April 1283
Died – 26th September 1290
Father – Eric II of Norway (1268 – 1299)
Mother – Margaret of Scotland (1261 – 1283)
Spouse – None
Children – None
Queen of Scotland – 1286 – 1290
Predecessor – Alexander III – 1249 – 1286
Successor – John Balliol – 1292 – 1296


1283 (9th April)
Margaret Maid of Norway was born to King Eric II of Norway and Margaret of Scotland at Tonsberg, Norway. Her mother died during or just after childbirth.
1283 (late April)
Margaret’s father, King Eric II, was aged 15 years and had little power in Norway. Margaret was placed in the care of the Bishop of Bergen, Narve.
1284 (28th January)
Margaret’s uncle, Alexander, only son and heir of King Alexander III of Scotland, died. Margaret was now heir to the throne of Scotland.
1285 (14th October)
King Alexander III of Scotland married Yolanda of Dreux.
1286 (18th March)
Alexander III went out to meet Queen Yolanda.
1286 (19th March)
Margaret’s uncle, King Alexander III of Scotland was found dead. He had a broken neck.
1286 (20th March)
Queen Yolanda was pregnant at the time of Alexander’s death and her unborn child would be the next monarch of Scotland.
1286 (late March)
Scottish nobles held a meeting and appointed six regents, known as guardians of Scotland, to govern the country.
1286 (November)
Queen Yolanda was delivered of a stillborn child.
1287 (Spring)
Margaret’s father, King Eric, sent Bjarne Erlingsson to Scotland to claim the throne in Margaret’s name.
1287 (Spring)
Robert Bruce rebelled against the decision but he was defeated by loyalists to Margaret.
1289 (May)
King Eric sent envoys to England to discuss the future of Margaret Maid of Norway.
1289 (October)
Representatives of King Edward I of England, King Eric II of Norway and the guardians of Scotland, met in Salisbury to discuss the situation.
1289 (6th November)
Treaty of Salisbury
This treaty settled the Scottish succession on Margaret, Maid of Norway and provided for her marriage to Prince Edward of England. Margaret was to be sent from Norway to England by 1st November 1290 and Edward would then send her to Scotland providing it was safe to do so.
1289 (16th November)
A papal bull was issued allowing the marriage of Edward to Margaret, Maid of Norway.
1290 (18th July)
Treaty of Birgham
This treaty reinforced the terms of the Treaty of Salisbury and included a clause that Scotland would remain an independent country.
1290 (late August)
Preparations to send Margaret to England were well underway.
1290 (23rd September)
Margaret’s ship put into port in the Orkney Islands (at that time a part of Norway). Margaret had become ill, probably with food poisoning, either on the journey from Norway or after she landed in the Orkney Islands.
1290 (26th September)
Margaret, the Maid of Norway, died either in the Orkney Islands or on her way to Scotland.
1290 (after 26th November)
Margaret was taken back to Bergen for burial. Her death left a succession crisis in Scotland.


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