Eadric the Wild Timeline b. c 1020

Father – Aelfric
Mother – Unknown
Spouse – Unknown
Children – Unknown


1020 (around)
Eadric the Wild was born the son of Aelfric. Aelfric may have been a son or nephew of Eadric Streona.
1060 (around)
Eadric was an Anglo-Saxon thane who owned land in Shropshire and Herefordshire.
1066 (8th September)
The combined forces of Harald Hardrada and Tostig Godwinson invaded England. They landed at the mouth of the river Tyne.
1066 (20th September)
Battle of Fulford
Earl Edwin of Mercia and Earl Morcar of Northumbria called out their reserves and marched to stop the invasion of Harald Hardrada and Tostig Godwinson. The forces met at Fulford but the English earls were no match for Hardrada and were defeated.
1066 (25th September)
Battle of Stamford Bridge
After marching rapidly north, Harold Godwinson’s English force surprised Harald Hardrada’s Norwegian force at Stamford Bridge. After a battle that lasted much of the day, the Anglo-Saxons were victorious.
1066 (28th September)
William Duke of Normandy landed at Pevensey on the South coast of England at the head of an invasion force.
1066 (late September)
The events of September 1066 are not likely to have affected the life of Eadric.
1066 (13th October)
Harold Godwinson’s army had travelled south from London and reached Caldbec Hill a few miles away from Hastings. They made camp on the hill.
1066 (14th October)
The Battle of Hastings
The forces of Harold Godwinson and William of Normandy met on Senlac Hill north of Hastings. The English used a defensive shield wall while the Normans used archers, infantry and cavalry. Towards the end of the day Harold was struck by an arrow and while reeling was cut down by swordsmen. There is no evidence that Eadric fought in the battle.
1066 (25th December)
After receiving the submission of the Witan and Edgar Aetheling, William, Duke of Normandy, was crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey.
1067 (August)
Eadric the Wild’s Rebellion
Eadric’s lands in Hereford had been confiscated and he had retired to Shropshire but he refused to hand over his land in Shropshire. Norman forces stationed at Hereford continually harassed Eadric but he held out against the Normans. He became known as Eadric the Wild.
1067 (Autumn)
Eadric the Wild’s Rebellion
Eadric joined forces with Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, Prince of Gwynedd and Riwallon ap Cynfyn, Prince of Powys. Together they made raids into Hereford but were unable to capture the castle.
1069 (Autumn)
Edgar Aetheling had joined forces with Sweyn of Denmark and together they attacked and took York.
1069 (late Autumn)
The Harrying of the North
On hearing that York had been taken, William marched north. He paid off the Danes and defeated the Saxon rebels. Having re-established York as a Norman stronghold he set about defeating all other Northern pockets of resistance to his rule.
1069 (late Autumn)
With William in the north, Eadric and his Welsh allies raided Norman lands in north Shropshire. They burned the town of Shrewsbury but could not take the stronghold at Shrewsbury Castle.
1069 (late)
William heard of Eadric’s actions and rode south. Eadric returned to his land in Shropshire.
1069 (late)
Battle of Stafford
Eadric’s allies decided not to return to Wales but engaged William in battle. William defeated them then devastated Eadric’s land.
1070 (during)
Eadric surrendered and swore allegiance to King William. William confiscated the majority of Eadric’s lands but he was left with sufficient property to support himself.
1072 (during)
Eadric was a part of the force that rode north and invaded Scotland.
1075 (during)
Eadric the Wild had disappeared from historical records.


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