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Larys Strong TimelineFather – Lyonel Strong
Mother – Not known
Siblings – Harwin
Spouse – None
Children – None

This Larys Strong timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in the life of the fictitious character as shown in the TV series House of the Dragon

Please Note: In the TV adaptation, characters’ ages are different to those in the books. The ages given in this timeline are those known to have been decided by the show, or are approximations made using a combination of the ages in the book and the ages of the actors.

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Larys Strong Timeline

Before Season 1 Age 0
Larys Strong was born to Lyonel Strong and his wife at Harrenhal. He was born with a deformity to one of his feet and was called Clubfoot.  He had an older brother Harwin.
Before Season 1 Age 12
Larys and his brother Harwin, were taken to court where his father was a member of the Small Council.
Season 1 Age 17
Larys attended the hunt to celebrate the second birthday of Prince Aegon. He was unable to take part in the hunt due to his clubfoot so he sat with the Queen and her ladies listening to their conversation.
Season 1 Age 17
Larys met Queen Alicent in the Godswood. He told her that the Maester had personally delivered a potion to Rhaenyra the day after she was accused of being with Daemon Targaryen. He implied that the potion was ‘a morning after’ medicine to prevent pregnancy. Larys told Alicent that he was her ally.
Season 1 Age 27
Larys Strong had become very close to Queen Alicent. So close that he was sitting at her table eating while she was with the King. Alicent returned, angry that Viserys could not see that Rhaenyra’s children were fathered by Harwin Strong and had refused Lyonel Strong’s resignation. She expressed the wish that her father was still Hand of the King. Larys hinted that he could deal with the situation.
Season 1 Age 27
Lyonel Strong was given permission to escort his son, Harwin, to Harrenhal so that he could become acting Lord of Harrenhal.
Season 1 Age 27
Larys visited the prison in Kings Landing. and selected a number of men who were awaiting execution. He offered them their freedom on condition they had their tongues removed and carried out a single task for him.
Season 1 Age 27
The men Larys had freed went to Harrenhal and started a fire when everyone was in bed. Lyonel and Harwin Strong were unable to get out of their rooms and died.
Season 1 Age 27
Alicent met with Larys again and was shocked when she realised that he had started the fire.
Season 1 Age 27
With his father and brother dead, Larys became the new Lord of Harrenhal.
Season 1 Age 27
Larys went to Driftmark for the funeral of Laena Velaryon. He tried to catch the eye of Alicent but to no avail.
Season 1 Age 27
Larys returned to Kings Landing on the same ship as the royal party. He spoke to Alicent regarding the fight in which Aemond lost an eye. He said that he could arrange for an eye to be taken in return. Alicent refused the offer but thanked him for his loyalty. Larys said he would await her summons.
Season 1 Age 33
After hearing of the King’s death, Larys visited Otto Hightower and intimated that he would serve him.
Season 1 Age 33
Later, Larys visited Alicent. He became sexually aroused watching her remove her stockings. He told her that her father had spies placed throughout the Red Keep and that he could have him removed if she so wished.
Season 1
To be continued


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