Honorius, Roman Emperor Timeline 384-423

Honorius Roman Emperor


Father – Theodosius I
Mother – Aelia Flaccilla
Spouse – Maria, Thermantia
Children – None


384 CE (9th September)
Honorius was born Flavius Honorius, the younger son of Emperor Theodosius I and his wife Aelia Flaccilla. His father was Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire. He was the couple’s second son, his brother Arcadius had been born in 377.
384 CE (9th September)
Honorius became consul of Rome.
392 CE (15th May)
Valentinian II, Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, was found dead by hanging. It is thought that he was murdered by General Arbogast. Honorius’s father took over rule of the whole Roman Empire.
393 CE (23rd January)
Honorius was appointed co-ruler with his father.
395 CE (17th January)
Theodosius I died. Honorius became Emperor of the Western Roman Empire and his brother Arcadius became Eastern Roman Emperor. General Flavius Stilicho acted as regent for the young Honorius who made Milan his capital city.
398 CE (during)
Gildo, Roman Governor of Africa, led a revolt against the rule of Honorius. The revolt was put down by General Stilicho.
398 CE (February)
Emperor Honorius married Maria, daughter of General Flavius Stilicho.
401 CE (during)
The Visigoths, led by King Alaric, began attacking northern Italy. In response.
402 CE (6th April)
Battle of Pollentia
General Stilicho defeated King Alaric of the Visigoths at Pollentia. The Visigoths retreated to Verona.
402 CE (June)
Battle of Verona
General Stilicho defeated King Alaric forcing the Visigoths to leave Italy. After the battle, Emperor Honorius moved the capital to Ravenna on the Eastern coast of Italy.
405 CE (during)
A combined force of Ostrogoths, Alans, Vandals and Quadi invaded Roman Gaul (France).
405 CE (during)
The Goths, led by Radagaisus, invaded Italy.
406 CE (during)
The Goths, led by Radagaisus were defeated by Stilicho.
406 CE (during)
In Britain Marcus was accepted as Western Emperor.
406 CE (31st December)
A force of Ostrogoths, Alans, Vandals and Quadi invaded Gaul (France).
407 CE (early)
Gratian was accepted as Western Emperor by the Romans in Britain.
407 CE (during)
Constantine III was accepted as Western Emperor by the Romans in Britain. He left his son, Constans, in charge of Britain and invaded northern Gaul (France).
407 CE (during)
Honorius’s wife, Maria died at Ravenna.
408 CE (during)
Emperor Honorius married Thermantia, his first wife’s sister.
408 CE (during)
General Stilicho agreed to pay Alaric 4,000 pounds of gold to leave Italy.
408 CE (1st May)
Honorius’s brother, Arcadius, died. He was succeeded as Emperor of Eastern Rome by his young son Theodosius II. Stilicho went to Constantinople to help set up the new Emperor’s court.
408 CE (June)
Olympius, one of Honorius’s ministers, convinced Honorius that Stilicho was conspiring with the barbarian hordes to overthrow him.
408 CE (22nd August)
Honorius removed Flavius Stilicho from power and executed him. He then proceeded to execute all those in power that had been in Stilicho’s favour, including Stilicho’s son, Eucherius. Honorius’s wife, Thermantia, daughter of Stilicho, was sent back to her mother. Afraid of the purge against them, Stilicho’s loyal troops joined King Alaric.
408 CE (late)
Alaric, King of the Visigoths, who had been joined by many Roman troops during the purge of 408, had been promised land and 4,000 pounds of gold by Stilicho. Honorius now refused to honour this agreement. Alaric marched on Rome and lay siege to the city. The city was forced to pay a ransom of gold, silver and goods to Alaric who then lifted the siege.
409 CE (during)
The force of Ostrogoths, Alans, Vandals and Quadi invaded Hispania (Spain).
409 CE (January)
Honorius refused to agree a peace with the Visigoths and called for military support from the Eastern Empire.
409 CE (Spring)
Troops were despatched to help Honorius. However, they were ambushed by Alaric and very few reached their destination.
409 CE (Summer)
Once again the Senate pleaded with Honorius to make peace with Alaric but he again refused. Instead he sent a force under Olympius which was defeated and forced to retreat.
409 CE (September)
Honorius refused to agree a peace with the Visigoths so Alaric petitioned the Senate. The Senate elected Priscus Attalus as Emperor who then agreed the treaty with Alaric.
409 CE (September)
In protest at the appintment of Attalus, Honorius asked the Governor of Africa, Heraclian, to stop sending grain to Rome. Attalus sent troops to restore the African grain supply but they were defeated by Heraclian.
410 CE (Spring)
A force of troops from the Eastern Empire reached Honorius.
410 CE (Summer)
Attalus refused to send troops to take over Africa and restore the grain supply. This infuriated Alaric and he stripped Attalus of his position.
410 CE (Summer)
Alaric asked for negotiations with Honorius to be resumed. After agreeing a meeting, Honorius attacked Alaric. Alaric was furious and mustered his troops.
410 CE (24th August)
Alaric and his army of Visigoths, attacked and sacked Rome. The violence and looting continued for three days.
411 CE (during)
Honorius’s new commander, Constantius, defeated Constantine III.
417 CE (during)
Honorius arranged for his half-sister, Galla Placidia, to marry his commander Constantius.
418 CE (during)
Honorius had lost control of northern Gaul (France) to the Franks and southern Gaul to the Visigoths.
421 CE (during)
Honorius named Constantius his co-Emperor. However, Theodosius, the Eastern Emperor, refused to recognise him.
422 CE (during)
Constantius died.
423 CE (15th August)
Honorius died of oedema.


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