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Timelines relevant to the AQA A Level History specification are a useful way of learning about events, recognising cause and effect, seeing change over time as well as understanding things that are happening at the same time.

Across TheTimelineGeek we have a huge number of timelines relevant to UK exam topics. Some have been produced specifically for a particular exam while others offer relevant and/or background information.

Listed below each topic are the timelines that are relevant for that subject


AQA A Level History Timelines for Component 1 Topics

1A The Age of the Crusades, c1071–1204
King Richard III

1B Spain in the Age of Discovery, 1469–1598
Ferdinand II of Aragon
Isabella of Castile
Charles V
Philip II

1C The Tudors: England, 1485–1603
The Tudors 1485 – 1603
King Henry VII
King Henry VIII
King Edward VI
Queen Mary I
Queen Elizabeth I

1D Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy, 1603–1702
The Stuarts 1603 – 1714
King James I
King Charles I
English Civil War
King Charles II
King James II
Queen Mary II
King William III
Queen Anne

1E Russia in the Age of Absolutism and Enlightenment, 1682–1796
Catherine the Great

1F Industrialisation and the people: Britain, c1783–1885

1G Challenge and transformation: Britain, c1851–1964

1H Tsarist and Communist Russia, 1855–1964
Tsarist Russia
Stalin’s Russia

1J The British Empire, c1857–1967

1K The making of a Superpower: USA, 1865–1975

1L The quest for political stability: Germany, 1871–1991
Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918 – 1945


AQA A Level History Timelines for Component 2

2A Royal Authority and the Angevin Kings, 1154–1216
King Henry II
King Richard I
King John

2B The Wars of the Roses, 1450–1499
The Wars of the Roses causes and events 1265 – 1486

2C The Reformation in Europe, c1500–1564
The Reformation 1517 – 1648
Martin Luther 1483 – 1546

2D Religious conflict and the Church in England, c1529–c1570
King Henry VIII 1491 – 1547
The Pilgrimage of Grace 1536

2E The English Revolution, 1625–1660
The English Civil War Causes and Events 1625 – 1649

2F The Sun King: Louis XIV, France and Europe, 1643–1715

2G The Birth of the USA, 1760–1801
 American War of Independence Causes and Events 1763 – 1784
George Washington 1732 – 1799

2H France in Revolution, 1774–1815
The French Revolution Causes and Events 

2J America: A Nation Divided, c1845–1877

2K International Relations and Global Conflict, c1890–1941
Peace and War International Relations 1900 – 1939

2L Italy and Fascism, c1900–1945

2M Wars and Welfare: Britain in Transition, 1906–1957

2N Revolution and dictatorship: Russia, 1917–1953
 1917 Russian Revolution Causes and Events
Stalin’s Russia

2O Democracy and Nazism: Germany, 1918–1945
Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918 – 1945

2P The Transformation of China, 1936–1997
Mao Zedong 1893 – 1976

2Q The American Dream: reality and illusion, 1945–1980
The American Dream 1915 – 1988

2R The Cold War, c1945–1991
International Relations: The Cold War 1945 – 1991

2S The Making of Modern Britain, 1951–2007

2T The Crisis of Communism: The USSR and the Soviet Empire, 1953–2000
International Relations: The Cold War 1945 – 1991


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