English History Timeline 940-949

King Edmund I Eadred

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English History for the years 940 – 949

The kings of England for this period were:
Edmund I to 946
Eadred from 946


940 (during)
King Edmund I married Aelfgifu who was associated with Shaftesbury Abbey.
940 (early)
The Viking Olaf III Guthfrithson, supported by the Archbishop of York, Wulfstan, conquered Northumbria and invaded Mercia.
941 (12th February)
Wulfhelm, Archbishop of Canterbury, died.
941 (After February)
Oda was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.
941 (during)
A son, Eadwig, was born to Edmund and Aelfgifu.
941 (during)
Olaf III Guthfrithson of Northumbria and Mercia was killed during a raid. He was succeeded by Olaf Sihtricson who was not as strong as his predecessor. Edmund attacked and was able to take back Mercia but Olaf retained control of York.
942 (during)
Edmund I made an alliance with King Olaf of York. Olaf was baptised and Edmund was his godfather.
943 (during)
A son, Edgar, was born to Edmund and Aelfgifu.
943 (during)
Constantine, King of Scotland gave up the throne to become a monk. He was succeeded by Malcolm I.
944 (during)
King Olaf of York was unable to hold York and fled to Dublin where he became King.
944 (during)
Edmund I re-took Northumbria.
944 (during)
A number of severe storms sweep across England destroying at least 1500 houses.
944 (18th May)
Edmund’s wife Aelfgifu died.
944 (after May)
Edmund married Aethelflaed of Damerham, daughter of the Ealdorman of Wiltshire.
945 (during)
Edmund conquered Strathclyde and made an alliance with King Malcolm I of Scotland.
946 (26th May)
King Edmund I was murdered in Pucklechurch by Leofa, a thief who had been exiled by the king. Edmund was succeeded by his brother Eadred because his sons were too young to take the throne.
946 (16th August)
Eadred was crowned King of England by Archbishop Oda of Canterbury at Kingston upon Thames.
947 (during)
Eric Bloodaxe, the Viking, took over as ruler of Northumbria.
948 (during)
King Eadred mounted a campaign to re-take Northumbria and marched north to Ripon where he gained the submission of Northumbria at Tanshelf.
948 (during)
St Albans school, St Albans, was founded.
949 (during)
The former ruler of York, Olaf Sihtricson, returned to the North of England and was accepted as ruler of Northumbria.


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