Aethelflaed of Damerham Timeline c920 – c975

Likeness UnknownFather – Aelfgar of Essex
Mother – Unknown
Spouse – King Edmund I (921 – 946), Aethelstan
Children – No Children


920 (around)
Aethelflaed was born to Ealdorman Aelfgar of Essex. Her mother’s identity is not known but it is known that she had a sister and a brother.
944 (after May)
Aethelflaed married King Edmund I. She was the King’s second wife, his first wife Aelfgifu had died.
946 (26th May)
Just two years after their marriage, Aethelflaed’s husband, King Edmund I, was murdered in Pucklechurch by Leofa, a thief who had been exiled by Edmund. He was succeeded as King by his brother Eadred.
946 (after)
Aethelflaed married an ealdorman named Aethelstan.
950 (around)
Aethelflaed’s father, Ealdorman of Essex died. Aethelflaed’s sister’s husband Byrhtnoth succeeded as the new Ealdorman.
975 (after)
Athelflaed died. There is no record of where or exactly when but it is known that she left gifts of money to the abbeys at Glastonbury, Canterbury, Bury and Stoke by Nayland.


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