Aelfgifu (Wife of Eadwig) Timeline b. c935

Likeness Unknown

Father – Unknown
Mother – Aethelgifu
Spouse – King Eadwig (941 – 959)
Children – No Children


935 (around)
Aelfgifu was born into a noble family. Her mother’s name was Aethelgifu but her father’s name is not known. It is known that she was related to the royal family. Her date of birth has been estimated based on an assumption that she was around 20 years old when she married.
955 (after 23rd November)
Aelfgifu and her mother were found in a compromising position with King Eadwig during his coronation feast. Legend states that Archbishop Dunstan had to drag Eadwig back to the coronation feast setting up a feud between the two that would last until Eadwig’s death.
955 (after November)
Aelfgifu married King Eadwig of England.
958 (during)
The marriage of Aelfgifu and Eadwig was dissolved by Archbishop Odo of Canterbury on the grounds of consanguinity and affinity, a term meaning that they were too closely related.
958 (after)
Little is known of Aelfgifu’s life after her marriage was dissolved but records show that she did donate money to Old Minster and New Minster in Winchester.
965 (around)
Aelfgifu was recorded as being a well-off landowner in south east England.
965 (after)
Aelfgifu died. The exact date, time or place of her death is unknown.


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