English History Timeline 850-859

English History 850 - 859 Aethelwulf Aethelbald of Wessex

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English History for the years 850 – 859

The kings of Wessex for this period were
Aethelwulf until 858
Aethelbald from 858,


850 (during)
A Viking raiding force was defeated by King Aethelwulf’s eldest son Aethelstan in a naval battle off Sandwich, Kent.
851 (during)
Aethelwulf fought a Danish force at Acleah in Surrey and was victorious.
852 (during)
Aethelwulf’s son, Aethelstan, died.
853 (during)
Aethelwulf sent his youngest son, Alfred, to Rome to be confirmed by the Pope. He may have been accompanied by his brother Aethelred. As a younger son, Alfred was possibly being prepared for a life in the Church.
853 (Easter)
Aethelwulf’s daughter, Aethelswith, married King Burgred of Mercia at Chippenham, sealing an alliance between Wessex and Mercia.
853 (Autumn)
Aethelwulf and Burgred of Mercia joined forces to defeat the Welsh led by Cyngen ap Cadell.
854 (around)
Aethelwulf’s wife, Osburga, died.
854 (during)
Aethelweard of East Anglia died and was succeeded by his son, Edmund.
855 (during)
Aethelwulf went on a pilgrimage to Rome. He took his youngest son, Alfred with him. His eldest surviving son, Aethelbald became regent of Wessex in his father’s absence.
856 (July)
Aethelwulf King of Wessex was betrothed to Judith, daughter of Charles, King of the Franks.
856 (1st October)
Aethelwulf married Judith, daughter of Charles II, King of the Franks at Verberie.
856 (October)
Aethelwulf, his new wife, Judith and his youngest son, Alfred returned to Wessex. Aethelwulf may have shared rule with Aethelbald or taken back full control.
858 (13th January)
Aethelwulf died. He was succeeded by his son, Aethelbald.


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