English History Timeline 1420-1429

King Henry V King Henry VI

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English history for the years 1420 – 1429.

The monarchs for this period were

Henry V to 1422
Henry VI from 1422


1420 (21st May)
Treaty of Troyes
With Normandy conquered, Brittany choosing neutrality and the defection of the Burgundians to the English, the French were forced to sue for peace. The peace treaty signed at Troyes provided that:
King Henry V should become regent of France during Charles VI’s lifetime but that Charles would retain the crown. Henry was to marry Charles VI’s daughter, Catherine of Valois and their children would inherit the French crown on Charles’s death. Charles VI’s own son, the Dauphin, was disinherited.
1420 (2nd June)
King Henry V married Catherine of Valois, daughter of Charles VI of France.
1421 (1st February)
Henry and Catherine returned to England.
1421 (23rd February)
Catherine was crowned Queen at Westminster Abbey.
1421 (22nd March)
Battle of Bauge
Henry’s brother, Thomas Duke of Clarence, commanding in France during his brother’s absence, impulsively attacked a Franco-Scots army without waiting for reinforcements. He was defeated and killed.
1421 (August)
King Henry returned to France.
1421 (6th December)
A son, Henry, was born to Henry V and Catherine of Valois at Windsor Castle.
1422 (2nd May)
Meaux, the last remaining stronghold of the Dauphin, fell to the English.
1422 (31st August)
Henry died from dysentery at the Castle of Bois-de-Vincennes, France. He was succeeded by his infant son, Henry VI.
1422 (1st September)
Henry VI’s uncles, John, Duke of Bedford and Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester and Henry Beaufort acted as regents for the infant King.
1422 (21st October)
King Charles VI of France died. In accordance with the terms of the Treaty of Troyes, Henry VI became King of France.
1422 (after 21st October)
The French disliked being ruled by the English and many ignored laws and resisted measures put in place by the King’s regents. Large parts of southern France openly declared their allegiance to Charles VI’s son, Charles the Dauphin.
1423 (April)
The English made an alliance with Burgundy and Brittany against France.
1423 (31st July)
Battle of Cravant
This battle, fought between the English and French at Cravant, Burgundy, was a victory for the English.
1423 (28th September)
The English nobility swore fealty to the young King Henry VI.
1424 (17th August)
Battle of Verneuil
This battle, fought between the English and French at Verneuil, Normandy, was a victory for the English.
1425 (during)
Humphrey Duke of Gloucester and Cardinal Beaufort disagreed on how to manage the French.
1426 (February)
Parliament of Bats
This was a meeting of Parliament held at Leicester by John Duke of Bedford to settle the dispute between Gloucester and Beaufort. All attendees were told that they were not to carry arms so they appeared carrying bats or clubs instead. A reluctant truce was reached.
1425 (March)
Cardinal Beaufort resigned as Chancellor. William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk was appointed in his stead.
1426 (6th March)
Battle of St James
This battle, fought between the English and French at Avranches, was a victory for the English.
1428 (during)
Richard de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, was appointed King Henry’s tutor.
1428 (12th October)
Siege of Orleans
The French placed the English-held city of Orleans under siege.
1429 (8th May)
Siege of Orleans
The city of Orleans fell to the French led by Joan of Arc.
1429 (11th June)
Battle of Jargeau
This battle, fought between the French led by Joan of Arc and the English saw the French recapture land lost along the Loire river.
1429 (16th June)
Battle of Beaugency
This battle, fought between the French led by Joan of Arc and the English saw the French victorious.
1429 (18th June)
Battle of Patay
This battle, fought between the French and the English was a victory for the French.
1429 (17th July)
The Dauphin of France was crowned Charles VII at Reims Cathedral.
1429 (6th November)
Henry VI was crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey.


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