Edward of Middleham, Prince of Wales Timeline 1476-1484

Edward of Middleham Born – December 1476
Died – 9th April 1484
FatherKing Richard III (1452 – 1485)
MotherAnne Neville (1456 – 1485)
Spouse – not married
Children – no children


1476 (Spring)
Edward of Middleham was born to Richard Duke of Gloucester, brother of King Edward IV, and Anne Neville at Middleham Castle, Yorkshire. He was known as Edward of Middleham. The year of his birth is disputed with historians dating his birth between 1473 and 1476. Alison Weir cites Spring 1476 as the most likely date.
1476 (during)
Edward was raised at Middleham Castle. His wet nurse was Isabel Burgh and Anne Idley was his governess. He was sickly and prone to illnesses.
1478 (15th February)
Edward was given the title Earl of Salisbury.
1478 (18th February)
Edward’s uncle George Duke of Clarence, was tried for treason and executed.
1482 (July)
Richard Duke of Gloucester, Edward’s father, invaded Scotland.
1482 (24th August)
Richard of Gloucester re-took Berwick from the Scots.
1483 (9th April)
King Edward IV died at the Palace of Westminster. He was succeeded by his young son, Edward V. Edward’s father, Richard Duke of Gloucester was nominated Lord High Protector.
1483 (23rd April)
Edward’s father left York to travel to London.
1483 (4th May)
Richard Duke of Gloucester returned to London with Edward V. He had tricked the young king’s Woodville relatives and had them imprisoned in order to gain control of him.
1483 (8th May)
Richard Duke of Gloucester was officially appointed Lord Protector.
1483 (19th May)
King Edward V was placed in the Tower of London to await his coronation.
1483 (22nd June)
Ralph Shaw preached a sermon stating that Edward IV had been contracted to marry Eleanor Butler when he married Elizabeth Woodville and that the marriage was therefore invalid and his children all illegitimate.
1483 (25th June)
Parliament declared that as Edward IV’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville was invalid and the children of Richard of Gloucester’s older brother, George Duke of Clarence had been denied succession rights, then Richard was the rightful King.
1483 (26th June)
Edward’s father, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, took the throne as King Richard III.
1483 (26th June)
As the son of the King, Edward was created Duke of Cornwall.
1483 (6th July)
Richard was crowned King Richard III, and Anne Neville was crowned Queen consort in Westminster Abbey. Edward was not well enough to attend the coronation ceremony.
1483 (mid July)
King Richard, Anne and Edward left London to make a progress of the country. Edward had to be carried in a litter due to sickness.
1483 (19th July)
Edward was created Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
1483 (August)
The princes, Edward and Richard were last seen at the windows of the Tower. It was rumoured that Richard had murdered them.
1483 (24th August)
Edward of Middleham, was created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester.
1483 (29th August)
The Royal Family reached York on their progress. They were well received by the city.
1483 (8th September)
Edward of Middleham, was invested as Prince of Wales at York Minster. The ceremony was followed by a banquet.
1483 (25th December)
Henry Tudor, son of Edmund Tudor and Margaret Beaufort, announced that he was the rightful King of England and that when he took the throne he would marry Edward IV’s eldest daughter, Elizabeth of York.
1484 (January)
King Richard, Anne and Edward made a progress of Kent.
1484 (23rd January)
Titulus Regius
This act, passed by Parliament, formally declared Richard to be lawful King and settled the succession on his son Edward. The children of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville were legally declared illegitimate.
1484 (9th April)
Edward died at Middleham Castle. Although he was sickly his death was not expected and his parents were devastated.


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